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Top-10 airports in the world

Those traveling a lot will agree that airports are not the nicest place to stay, especially if you need to wait for a few hours for your next flight. The only options that are usually offered here are the duty-free shops, some elite cafes and restaurants. But there are a few airports that are ready to break the stereotype of a boring airport. Here the design, art and imagination come as one. Let’s get acquainted with the top 10 most beautiful airports in the world!

1. Kansai Airport, Osaka, Japan

The charm of the airport starts with being the only sea-based airport. It’s located not on a typical island, but an artificial one. It’s a few miles away from Osaka. The water allows having a noise-cancellation, so that the inhabitants of the city will not be disturbed with the noise made by the departure and arrival of planes. After you land, you get a chance to make your discover of Japan with the nearby observatory desk, which opens a remarkable scene.

2. Malvinas Argentinas Airport, Ushuaia, Argentina

While being southernmost international airport of the planet, the airport is a gateway to Patagonia and the Arctic. It is located in Tierra del Fuego. This is one of the few airports, where each detail is ideally thought. The harmony and the sense of perfection will not leave the visitors indifferent – the Andes Mountains, wooden details, Alpine-style background.

3. Incheon International Airport, Seoul, South Korea

The airport was opened back in 2001 and since then it never left the ranking list of most beautiful airports. As the airport is considered to be a hub for the country and the visitors, this airport ideally takes its role. The thrilling beauty standing on the background of blue sea allows the visitors to get introduces to the local culture. Some of the design elements are local, while the artifacts on the walls are focusing on the history of the country.

4. Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong

The project of this airport is somewhat modest compared with the others included in the list. However, its beauty is associated with functional and ideal infrastructure. The airport hosts exhausting and long flights. This is why the airport is designed to provide ideal comfort and tranquil atmosphere. The roof is made so to navigate the visitors to their desired location. In addition there’s a 12 lane-highway and express train that will take you directly to the city center.

5. Marrakech-Menara Airport, Morocco

Marrakech-Menara Airport is the most obvious expression of how modern European style can be combined with traditional Islamic architecture. The entire structure looks a lot like a huge diamond. The hollow planes are filled with elegant arabesques in Oriental style with interesting arrangements. The complicated light system allows having unusual, intricate patterns on the walls and the floor.

6. Denver International Airport, Colorado, USA

This airport is a means of breaking stereotypes about the airports. It is the second larges airport in the world. The roof of the building is made in a way, that you get a feeling of landing somewhere in north. The hint is that it’s made of white yurt-like pieces. The idea of this is created not only based upon interesting design, but also the idea of using solar energy. The place hosts one of the most advanced pieces of modern art – Mustang, which is made of blue cast-fiberglass with red shining eyes.

7. Sondika, Bilbao, Spain

This airport is hardly called with its official name. The locals gave it a cute nickname of “La paloma”, which means dove. And actually the design of the airport is quite similar to a bird body. The airport is full of various architectural masterpieces. Here, you will see walls, ceiling and floor, railings all connected with interesting details. The designers believe that the place ideally marks the possibility of existence of Baroque in modern age.

8. Terminal 4, Barajas Airport, Madrid, Spain

The style of the airport resembles a childish dream. You are walking under a huge rainbow. The natural atmosphere is supported by the bamboo components. Combined they give an impression of lightness and comfort. In addition to the interesting design, this airport, opened in 2008, is also one of the largest ones. It allows hosting a large number of visitors each year.

9. Carrasco Airport, Montevideo, Uruguay

The architecture of the airport tried to keep it as simple as possible. The huge arc is made of glass, giving a chance to have a hilarious view to the Uruguay’s natural beauty. There are some rooms designed for those desiring to escape from the sun. But the natural light is just amazing with all of its charm of demonstrating stars during the nighttime.

10. Terminal 3, Beijing International Airport, China

This amazing terminal was made for the Olypmic games back in 2008. The gateway resembles a large glass dragon. It’s interesting to know that the architectures of this 2 km long part amazingly played with light. The roof of the building is made the way that it creates colorful spectrums from the sunlight. This is great especially considering that these green, red and blue spectrums serve not only as a decoration but also as navigators.