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Searching for cheap return or one-way flights to Germany? On this website you will check the most suitable airline tickets for a holiday or business trip. Choose from the airports where you want to depart, the city of destination, the travel dates and the number of passengers. Use the search button to go to the results. You immediately discover the best ticket deals for flights to Germany from well-known airlines like easyJet (U2), Turkish Airlines (TK) or Ryanair (FR). Finding and booking tickets online is cheap, reliable and and simple.

Low cost flight tickets to Germany

Germany is a popular flight destination. You can fly direct to popular cities such as Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt and Dussdeldorf. In addition, Germany has a beautiful and varied nature. You can enjoy walking and cycling. You will even find unique beaches on the Baltic Sea. On this page you will find more information about the largest airports in Germany and you will find a top 10 with places you should see. Find and book the cheapest flights to Germany today! In the comparison table you can compare the most chosen international ticketbrokers.

Additional information about the country

Germany is located in Europe. People pay here with the Euro (EUR). The official language is German. In this country you experience a Temperate oceanic climate. Throughout the year the temperature is 12°C. A good travel period is May, June, September. The socket type is F (230 V, 50 Hz). The main airport is Frankfurt Airport in Frankfurt am Main (IATA code: FRA). An important German air passenger carrier is Lufthansa. The local price level is: very expensive. The cost of a hotel accommodation costs about €117 a night. Also click through for flying to Luxembourg and Greenland.

CountryGermany (DE)
Flight typeEuropean flight
Famous airportFrankfurt am Main Airport (FRA)
CityFrankfurt am Main
Phone+49 180 6 3724636
Flag carrierLufthansa

Overview with destinations in the country:

  • Cologne
  • Juist
  • Friedrichshafen
  • Erfurt
  • Heringsdorf
  • Wuerzburg
  • Dortmund
  • Braunschweig
  • Hof De
  • Cuxhaven
  • Westerland
  • Hamburg
  • Essen
  • Helgoland
  • Munich

  • Last-minute tickets May 2024: affordable flight ticket deals

    Are you interested in a cheap flight to Germany? That is possible for everyone. We are happy to give you some tips: fly with a low budget airline, take advantage of the early bird discount, use a price alert for last minutes and keep multiple dates open. Through a holiday comparator like you can always find the cheapest flights to Germany. This can be done e.g. with airlines like Scandinavian Airlines (SK), Vueling (VY) & Delta Air Lines (DL).

    What is a good month to book?

    • January 2023: relatively cheap month to fly.
    • February 2023: you can go here during the spring break.
    • March 2023: a favorable package holiday with transport and accommodation.
    • April 2023: discover the area by bike, bus or boat during your city trip in Frankfurt am Main.
    • May 2023: enjoy the ultimate comfort in an all-inclusive resort.
    • June 2023: book an offer with flight and hotel just before the summer season.
    • July 2023: The summer holidays are an expensive period, so book on time.
    • August 2023: the offer of cheap flight holiday packages is very large during this period.
    • September 2023: just after the summer you can enjoy a last-minute flight for a while.
    • October 2023: take a break during the autumn holidays.
    • November: 2022: the winter holidays are a nice time to travel.
    • December: 2022: wonderful winter sun packages during the Christmas holidays.

    Compare German airlines

    1. easyJet (U2): a generous flight with first-class tickets.
    2. Turkish Airlines (TK): excellent options for business flights and business class.
    3. Ryanair (FR): the economy class is suitable for tourists (lower price).
    4. Scandinavian Airlines (SK): a meal may also be served on board.
    5. Vueling (VY): the inflight entertainment provides the necessary relaxation.
    6. Delta Air Lines (DL): there is enough space for some hand luggage.
    7. KLM (KL): it’s easy to book extra checked hold baggage for the flight.
    8. Lufthansa (LH): check in online and print your boarding pass in advance.
    9. Transavia (HV): enough flight attendants who support with the luggage.
    10. Wizz Air (W6): cheap traveling with children or baby.

    Local airport: Frankfurt am Main Airport

    A good airfield in this area is Frankfurt Airport. It concerns a large airport (located on 111 meters above sea level) that you find in Frankfurt am Main. Many well-known airlines have a connection to this hub. Set your GPS to the address: 2HMC+86 Frankfurt, Germany. More info? The official website is Of course you can also call +49 180 6 3724636. Airlines with an excellent connection include KLM (KL), Lufthansa (LH), Transavia (HV) or Wizz Air (W6). The national airline is Lufthansa.

    Check departure airports in May 2024

    • Frankfurt am Main Airport: the busiest departure airport in the country.
    • LaGuardia Airport (LGA): safe and reliable parking near the entrance.
    • Los Angeles International Airport (LAX): opt for valet parking and you can leave without any worries.
    • Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport (CGO): fast security and customs for a pleasant flight.
    • Vancouver International Airport (YVR): the signs in the gates / departure hall are very user-friendly.
    • Charles de Gaulle International Airport (CDG): the arrival hall / terminal ensures smooth handling.
    • Dublin Airport (DUB): easy transit by public transport, bus and train.
    • Lisbon Portela Airport (LIS): keeps a close eye on arrival and departure times online.
    • Gimpo International Airport (GMP): you can rest or do some work in the Relax Lounge.
    • Barcelona–El Prat Airport (BCN): before departure you can shop in the tax-free shopping (duty-free) stores.
    • Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK): very user-friendly airport with all amenities.
    • Gatwick Airport (LGW): stay overnight in a hotel near the airport for a well-rested journey.
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    Airports in Germany

    Are you going to fly to Germany? There are several airports to choose from. Every airport has excellent accessibility. In the table below you will find the top 5 largest airports in the country.

    AirportAirport CodePassengers
    Frankfurt AirportFRA70.000.000
    Munich AirportMUC48.000.000
    Berlin BrandenburgBER26.000.000
    Düsseldorf AirportDUS25.000.000
    Hamburg AirportHAM17.000.000

    Where to book flight tickets to Germany?

    Do you want to fly to Germany? There are several ways to book a ticket. You can book through one of the comparison websites such as Skyscanner or Opodo. You can also book directly with an airline. Below you will find the top 5 booking sites for airline tickets to and from Germany.

    1. German website with cheap flights
    2. the most user friendly website to compare flights
    3. Find flights in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
    4. Germany’s largest airline
    5. Specialist in cheap airline tickets

    Top 10 places to visit in Germany

    1. Berlin

    The capital city of Germany, Berlin’s streets are always buzzing with energy. Vibrant, daring, and edgy, Berlin will blow your mind with its multicultural repertoire, attractive arts and eclectic music. The place is the most visited of Germany’s cities owing to its turbulent history and an overwhelming past. Visit some of the countless museums that this city holds within its boundaries, get intimate with the city’s past, enjoy an intellectual evening with like-minded people in one of the art galleries like the Art Center, soak in the unique architecture of churches like Berliner Dom and Deutscher Dom. Apart from this, you can take a leaf out of your history books and get to know the harsher history of Germany – pay a visit to the Topography of Terror for a sobering experience about the activities of Gestapo during the Nazi regime, know more about the Holocaust in the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, Berlin Wall Memorial, and the like. After this humbling experience you can savor the lesser known places – Sreepark, one of the oldest amusement park and Prater Garten, a genuine beer garden.

    2. Munich

    Reposing on the beautiful river of Isar, in the south of Bavaria, Munich is Germany’s most friendly global city. A major international center of science and technology, Munich has managed to retain its cultural heritage in the face of major changes in lifestyle. Some of the landmarks of Munich include Frauenkirche, the city’s biggest church built in classic Gothic architecture of the 15th century; the resplendent English Garden which is lush green paradise worth exploring on a paddle boat; and the opulent Nymphenburg Palace set in baroque architecture. Apart from these set tourist destinations you can also access an impressive collection of historic artifacts at the Deutsches Museum in the city center, one of the largest science and technology museums in the world. Once a major Nazi stronghold, Munich also houses a Dachau Concentration Camp as a reminder of the country’s turbulent history – here you can follow the ‘path of the prisoner’, look at original prisoner baths, barracks, courtyards and crematorium. A stage of one of the largest beer festivals of the World, you can also party away in this gorgeous city during the raunchy Oktoberfest.

    3. Frankfurt

    Think of Frankfurt, and what immediately strikes your mind is “financial capital of Europe” or “transportation center of German”. While all this stands true, what gets hidden among all these facts is the sheer beauty of this city. Yes, it is a major center of finance, commerce, culture and transport but it is also a major tourist destination. It is a city of many contrasts and layers – don’t be surprised if you see towering skyscrapers co-existing with old, traditional styled buildings. It has a vibrant and diverse culture owing to fact that you will find most of the foreigners of the country are concentrated in this city. With an international airport at the heart of the city, getting here is not so difficult. Once you are here, you can visit Romerberg, home to many buildings dating back to the 14th and 15th century set in Gothic architecture; the famous iron bridge, Eiserner Steh, a pedestrian bridge from whence you can enjoy a splendid view of the the town and the main river; Alte Oper, a Renaissance style old opera and countless museums which will give intimate knowledge about the country.

    4. Heidelberg

    “One thinks Heidelberg by day- with its surroundings- is the last possibility of the beautiful; but when he sees Heidelberg by night, a fallen Milky Way, with that glittering railway constellation pinned to the border, he requires time to consider upon the verdict.” This is what Mark Twain had to say about Heidelberg in the 19th century when he came to Heidelberg to write his travel book “A Tramp Abroad”. And, two centuries later, nothing much has changed. Thankfully Heidelberg was spared during the Second World War. Therefore it is still possible to walk its quaint cobblestone streets, and relish the ‘milky way’ atmosphere that Mark Twain talks about here. You can hop around the old city center of Alstadt, explore the castle of Heidelberg and the Old Bridge, the Heiligenber mountains from where you can enjoy a splendid view of the city, the churches and countless other theaters that this vibrant city houses within its boundaries.

    5. Dresden

    Known for its world famous landmark, Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady), Dresden is one of the few places in Germany that still retains its old world charms, despite the fact that 75% of it was destroyed in World War II. The best thing about Dresden that makes it worth visiting, is the spirit of the place. The whole city has worked together to restore their beloved city in all its former glory – and the city still stands tall, scarred perhaps but stronger because of it. Dresden is a mine of cultural treasures, stunning river-side landscape and a unique mix of the traditional and the modern. The city was once home to Saxon monarchs and you will find a lot of buildings, and art collections belonging to their period of reign. Explore the Zwinger Palace, a 1709 monument set in baroque architecture, known for its beautiful collection of sculptures; Semper Opera House, a 19th century structure built in traditional Renaissance architecture; and Frauenkirche, which was reconstructed after the World War II, and still houses some of the ruins in its basement. The place is also known for Bruhl Terrace, the Royal Palace, the loschwitz hillside, the garden city of Hellerau and the twelve Dresden State Art Collections.

    6. Hamburg

    An international city, Hamburg is the place which inspired the namesake of the favorite beef patties in bun. Hamburg has the fifth largest international airport in Germany – so for those travelling from far off places, Hamburg is an easy way of getting in the country. If you are already in Germany however, you can reach this global city by train, car or bus. Explore the Hamburg Harbor, the third largest port in the world and is actually over 800 years old. Here you can take a boat tour or just stroll on the waterfront. If being here gives you a sudden ache for the sight of lovely fishes, then you can take off to the Hamburg fish market where you can savor fresh seafood, exotic fruits and nuts. Then of course there us the famous Red Light District where the Beetles began their international career in the 1960′s. Other prominent attractions include Emigration Museum Ballinstadt, the historical Warehouse District, Hamburger Kunsthalle, Church St. Michaelis and Alster Arkaden.

    7. Cologne

    Reposing on the shores of River Rhine, Cologne is a major tourism hub in Germany. Founded by the Romans in 50 A.D, Cologne was a prominent trade route between East and West Europe. However, World War II wiped out most of the city’s architecture, historic buildings and human population. But the city has risen tall and hard against all odds and is now one of the most sought after cities for its art exhibitions, contemporary graphics, sculptures, trade fairs, and a lot of other cultural activities. Enjoy the Roman history of Cologne with beers and chocolates. Explore the unique culture and architecture of the place by visiting its stunning cathedral Kolner Dom built in Gothic style; Die Kolner Synagoge, again boasts of intricate architecture; the traditional neighborhoods or ‘veedel’ where you can access the works of independent designers, soak in the contemporary art scene in its various art galleries and museums, visit books shops, and bars; walk the Hohenzollern Bridge where you will find ‘love padlocks’ placed by couples pledging their loyalty to each other; and much more.

    8. Fairy Tale Route

    Ever dreamed of being swept off of your feet by your Prince Charming? Well you can live the fairy tale life here, revisit your childhood days and promise the best vacation for your kids on this enchanting fairy tale route. Stretching over 600 km from Hanau in the south to Bremen in the north, this route traces the engrossing fairy tales of the Grimm brothers as you travel through the town of Hamelin where the mysterious Pied Piper allured the children of family to a far-away land, the land where little Snow White chartered her route of escape, Sababurg where Sleeping Beauty slept for a 100 years in an enchanting castle and to the town of Bremen, where the cool four-legged town musicians strummed away creating amazing music. The best way to begin this unprecedented journey is from Hanau near Frankfurt – getting here is not so difficult, you can take a bus or train to Hanau. The whole trip can take up to 2-3 days, if you want to stop at every fairy tale destination. The fairy tale route offers a refreshing perspective to fairy tales from the more popular Disneyland.

    9. Black Forest

    We don’t mean the dessert. Yes there actually is a place called Black Forest in the deep recesses of Germany and it is just as delightful as the dessert itself. Enveloped by deep green woodland, sandstone mountains of Baden-Wurttemberg, rustic farmhouses and a spectacular landscape, getting lost here is something you will absolutely cherish for years to come. The Black Forest stretches north from Basel in Switzerland to Pforzheim, with its western edge defined by Rhine extending east from 40 km. And while you are at it, explore its mouth-watering food, enriching cultural heritage, and indulge in some outdoor activities. You can get to this picturesque landscape by taking a train from the nearest airport at Konstanz and Karlsruhe.

    10. Rugen Cliffs

    Located on the Pomeranian coast overlooking the Baltic Sea, Rugen Cliffs are the most breath-taking sculptures ever sculpted by Mother Nature. The easiest way of getting in here is by car – follow the longest bridge of Germany, the Rugen Bridge from Stralsund in the mainland. You can also take train or ferry from Stralsund and Sassnitz if you want to traverse a more long-winded but scenic road. Once you reach here, walk the sun-kissed beaches of Rugen, and stand in awe as you watch the Cliffs of Rugen attempting to touch the very skies. Walk up to the tallest point and you will feel at the very edge of the world, looking out to the blue horizon. You can also explore the more inland regions of Rugen for its tranquil countryside environment. Don’t miss out on this nature’s beauty if you ever plan a trip to Germany – to witness the chalk cliffs of Rugen, standing tall on the Baltic Sea is almost a religious experience.

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