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    From our customer service

    One thing that I enjoy doing is letting people know how they can find the lowest airfare for their business trip or vacation. It is often difficult to get people to understand the power of the Internet when it comes to finding cheap flights but the power is real. There are so many different services that allow you to search for flights online and will give you some great rates but your search should not stop there. Here are my best tips to finding the lowest airfare that you can by using the Internet and the telephone.

    CheapFlight is something that many people are searching for and it’s no wonder. With the rising cost of travel and gas it is getting more and more difficult for people to go out and enjoy themselves on vacation. It is often rather a painful chore to pull out your credit card and cough up what you know is too much money for a trip, that is why you need to start your search online. There are many different places that will help you find a cheap flight, some of them are just a mouse click away. I prefer sidestep but many people use services like Expedia,, Skyscanner or Hotwire. These services will go out and find all of the airlines that are flying on your date and to the destination you’ve chosen and will search for the lowest fares. It will then return those fares to you within seconds and will even sort them by price.

    Once you have the lowest price make sure that you search the airlines website direct to see if they are having any sort of unadvertised specials. Get on their mailing list and they will send you out a periodical email telling you about any cheap flights that may be available. You can also try calling the airline direct to see if they can negotiate a better deal for you, often they will give you a discount but not always. Then it’s a matter of securing your discount airline ticket and enjoying your trip.