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Do you want to book a plane ticket? Always start by comparing ticket prices. This way you will find a cheap flight with attractive conditions. Via you can compare tickets quickly and easily. Filter by destinations, departure days, airports, baggage options and much more. Your flight can be booked directly online. Enter your flight details below and find a cheap (last minute) flight.

One way and round trip tickets in most cases provide round trip tickets, which are nothing but tickets to and from tickets to your preferred destination. People planning a vacation or those who know the return dates of their travel can opt to buy a round trip air ticket. If it is an unplanned business trip or a long term project for which you do not know the return dates, then buying a one-way air ticket is the wisest thing to do. Though these tickets are on the higher side, unpredictable travel leaves you with no other choice.

  • First class tickets: The most expensive travel ticket is the First class air ticket.The extra charges are compensated by the best in class facilities that one would not see anywhere else on the flight. Be it a first class lounge, or better leg room, different menu choices for food and beverages, board and de-board first and last but not least, a carriage attendant to carry your personal luggage, the First class passengers enjoy it all. Some of the airlines have stopped first class tickets in long haul flights, so as to provide more room for business class passengers.
  • Business class tickets: This can be called the in between class. Meaning that you neither receive all the amenities provided to a first class passenger nor squeezed into the economy class. These air tickets come along with wide seats, early boarding and de-boarding of flights and power outlets to connect your phones or laptops. Business travelers prefer to book their tickets in the Business class and lies in a price range between First class and economy class. We will get you better flight ticket discounts on your business class tickets. Call us to find out about unpublished discounts only on our website.
  • Economy class tickets (second class): Taking an entire family for a vacation on a specified budget can be a goal in its own accord. To achieve this goal, many resort to booking air tickets from third line carriers with no extra amenities or facilities. For making your travel more enjoyable, our executives here will plan your travel so beautifully that you will come back to us every time you book an airline ticket.

9 Tips How to Book Cheap Flights

Whether you are flying a short budget airline flight in any region or booking a round the world trip to popular destinations, a little extra time spent researching the flights before booking can save you hundreds of euro’s. Below we will show you 9 simple steps that will help you to find the cheapest flight ticket deals!

Step 1 – When and Where?

The first thing to decide is when and where you would like to go, to get the best start possible, then the best answers would be “Anywhere and anytime” but obviously that is not usually the case. If you are enormously flexible, then a bargain can pop up for unexpected places that you may just fall in love with. There’s no need to panic if you aren’t so flexible, just get a good idea of what potential issues may be. If you want to travel around Europe in the middle of summer, the school holidays make some prices ludicrously expensive, but if you know you’re looking at flying in the shoulder seasons then you know prices are going to be significantly less. Another consideration to make here is peak times and festivals, for example, flying in the USA around Christmas, in Brazil around carnival or in China at new year may reduce the chances of finding a cheap more difficult, although never impossible. So, you need to choose your departure month (January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, or December) with care because it will effect prices and availability.

Step 2 – Be Flexible

The best advice for finding a bargain flight is to be as flexible as possible, whether that is being flexible on which airports and airlines you use, to being flexible with flight times, this is the number one way to save money. One method that can be utilised here, more for short-haul budget-airline flights is to book each leg of your journey separately. For example; if you want to do a return flight in Europe, and Ryanair are cheaper for the outbound flight but EasyJet are cheaper for the return flight, then book two separate flights with both airlines and save money.

Step 3 – Comparison Sites

The most common flight comparison sites such as SkyScanner or Kayak can be extremely useful if you have flexible dates. Use these sites first to get an idea of which airlines serve which routes and look at the typical prices graphs before moving on to the websites of the airlines. Most of the comparison sites have functions to make your search flexible, including options to search in a whole month rather than specific dates or search using nearby cheaper airports. Also you can filter based on board type (e.g. All inclusive).

Step 4 – Routes

Now that you have an idea of the route you want to take and roughly when you want to go, use the comparison sites and tools such as Google Flights to find out the cheapest days and times to fly, certain airlines may only serve a particular route on certain days of the week and may be much cheaper than the others. For a flight from Bali, Indonesia to Cairns, Australia, the typical flight is to change in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur, but by using these tools you can see that Jetstar fly the route direct three times per week and can actually be cheaper than an indirect flight. A consideration for an indirect long haul flight would be if it would make sense to book each leg individually with multiple airlines. If a flight from Europe to Australia is more expensive than two separate flights that meet at a point in Asia, then perhaps you could use that saving to spend a couple of nights seeing Singapore.

Step 5 – Airline Websites

Now that you know which airline is cheapest and when you are going, go and hunt around on the airlines website, look when their cheapest flights are for that route and if they’re three months from now, consider if that’s that best option, to book three months in advance. Most airlines have sales, or at least in my experience of dozens of airlines, I am yet to come across one that doesn’t have sales. A budget airline like Ryanair may have a couple of sales each month for different routes, whereas a carrier such as Lufthansa may put flights on sale a certain number of months in advance of departure. A key way to keep track of this is to sign up to the airline’s mailing lists, this way you can be sure they’ll let you know when they have a sale on.

Step 6 – Fare Finders

A fairly recent addition to mainly budget airline websites but one that has a lot of cost saving potential is fare finders, these tools which can be found on the airline website generally let you enter very basic information and they find you the cheapest flights. An example of this is the Ryanair version of this tool in which you can enter as little as departure and a budget and it will find you where it can take you for that amount. They also have many other options to filter by dates and journey length, but it is one of the easiest ways to find a bargain flight. Recently, a budget airline had a sale on, and by using the Fare Finder, flights around Europe could be had for as little as €10 each, with no extra fees… Now that’s what I call a good deal.

Step 7 – Wait or Book Now?

The final decision to be made is whether now is the best time to book the flights you want. There is no fixed rule on whether flight prices will increase or decrease over time, but one thing you can be sure of, is that last minute flights are not cheap. In general booking well in advance will be more likely to save you money, but it depends entirely on the airline, so getting familiar with their sales could be the key to deciding when is the best time to book. In general, flights schedules are released by airlines roughly 11 months before departure, although budget airlines tend to be less than this. Prices usually start at a medium level and fluctuate, before reducing during sales and increasing in the weeks or months just before departure. Check the prices for every month of your route, if you want to fly in 8 months time, but the cheapest flight times are between 3 and 6 months from today, consider waiting and you will likely save.

Step 8 – Extras – What Do I Actually Need?

This is more applicable to small and budget airlines than the big carriers, budget airlines rely on making money by the extras that you purchase on top of the standard fare. In Europe, for a short haul flight, putting a piece of luggage in the hold can cost as much the flight fare. So consider what you actually need carefully, if you are only traveling for a few days, will all your luggage fit in a carry on, the size of carry on luggage permitted vary by airline, but the minimum dimensions are usually 50cm x 40cm x 20cm, which is more than enough for a few days clothes. Allocated seating is another extra that is usually purchasable by the airlines, consider whether you are really that interested in picking your own seat or whether you would rather let them allocate you a free seat on check in and save your money for when you get there. A decider for this could be if you are traveling with children, in which case, even though most airlines would likely sit you together automatically, you may be better off by purchasing seats to be sure. The final extra, that most definitely does not need paying is credit card charges, many airlines have fees depending on which type of credit or debit card you use, but the general rule is that debit cards are normally free to use and credit cards carry a charge somewhere between 1-5%. Also: don’t forget to book your rental car.

Step 9 – Cash–back and Frequent Flyers

On to the final step before booking them now, decide if you will save or gain more by using a cash-back website to book the flights and enrol to frequent flyer programs if you are likely to use the airline more than once. Prominent cash-back websites such as Quidco are the place to check to see if cash-back is possible with the airline you are using. Further to this, some debit or credit cards offer extra miles or cash-back on purchases so if you have it, use it.

When is the best time to buy an airline ticket?

There’s always a best time to buy air tickets. It is definitely buying your tickets well in advance of your travel dates. You can get the best of the prevailing rates in the market. Be it a long weekend or other public holidays, if you book your tickets in advance, you are sure to get the best deals.This does not mean you cannot buy tickets at the last minute. It just means that you’d be purchasing them at hiked prices.

Can I make comparisons between different air carriers?

Yes, you can. We allow you to filter your searches not only on the basis of airlines but also based on many categories including price, journey time and the preferred class of the passenger. If you would like your travel tailor-made to your needs, then contact our support executives to avail of our services.

Are there special facilities to those traveling with babies?

Most airline operators provide special seats to those parents traveling along with their babies. They will provide a bassinet to accommodate your baby apart from pampering them with special goodies. The seats allocated to such passengers will be in the front rows of the cabin and special seat belt extensions are provided to carry your baby on your Lap. No extra seats are provided to Infants and in some cases we can get you discounts from the original ticketing price.

Do i need travel insurance?

Similar to any other insurance, travel insurance gives you coverage against unexpected events during your travel. Being insured during your travel is not a must but here are some instances where one will definitely benefit out of it. First and foremost, you get a cover for flight accidental losses during your journey. Additionally, you can lay claims to loss of personal luggage, canceled trips and medical expenses incurred during your period of travel.

What are e-tickets (online check-in tickets)?

An e-ticket reduces your burden of carrying a printed ticket in your hand and safeguarding it until you reach your destination city.All you have to do is show a photo ID proof along with your e-ticket while traveling. It has not only made life easier for frequent travelers who may be carrying a ticket from a previous journey but is also an eco-friendly move made by the airline operators. We only works on e-ticket as its an online travel agency.