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Where are the best July holiday destinations for sunshine? July is a good month for European destinations as well as Safari holidays. July is hurricane season in Asia, but we’ll recommend great places to go in Asia during this time; and of course southern Asia most famously India is known for monsoon season in July. The West coast of the USA as well as North East coast is a good bet for July avoiding hurricane season on the South East coast. If you are thinking of a new destination or safe places to take the family on holiday take a look at our bright ideas to help you decide. So Where is it hot in July? Or if you want to go on a cruise in July head straight to the bottom of the page for the best cruise destinations for a cruise in July.

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  • Wales: July in Wales and the temperatures are at their peak across the year, so a great time to visit this fascinating country, one quarter of the UK and a few hours drive from London. Of course Wales is famed for it’s mountains and green countryside and so you are bound to come across a shower or two, but in the main it will average around 22°c / 71°f and can get up to the high 20’s 29°c / 30°c on some days in July. The Brecon Beacons attract hikers and downhill mountain bikers come from all over the world to enjoy the Welsh peaks right up to North Wales where it’s highest peak Mount Snowdon and Snowdonia National Park gets over 4 million visitors a year, about the same as the population of Wales itself. Cardiffs capital mixes modern with Medieval on the south coast, and the coastline stretches across to the Gower peninsula renowned for its long sandy beaches. Pretty villages and beaches line the west coast and the north coast boasts it’s old seaside town Rhyl and the island of Anglesey famed for its Royal connections.
  • Majorca: The largest of the stunning Balearic islands off Spain, Majorca is dazzling with heat in July, and this is one of the top reasons people love to visit this friendly Spanish Isle. It’s going to be close to 30°c / 86°f and higher. With so much to offer it’s hard to find something not to like about Majorca you can go cheap and cheerful, family friendly, all out party, serene and exclusive in a private villa or a bit of everything! We recommend the North and East Coasts for families, but pretty much everywhere has something to offer the little ones.
  • Spain – Costa del Sol: The Costa del Sol in July is sizzling! So if you like it hot this is one European destination that you can count on in July. On the south coast of Spain the Costa del Sol stretches to the west from Nerja to Sotogrande, with the beach cities of Malaga, Marbella and the glamorous town of Puerto Banus among the popular choices. It’s typically at least 30°c / 86°f along this stunning coast. The list of things to do in Malaga is endless, galleries, museums, churches, castles, the Cathedral and restaurant choices from rustic tapas to Michelin starred. Lively clubs and bars on top of wide sandy beaches make this a perfect Spanish holiday destination. Further down the coast up-market Marbella has the glitz and glamour of a stunning marina with swanky bars and a party atmosphere, it’s famous Nikki Beach draws the biggest crowds.
  • Poland – Baltic Coast: Poland in July probably isn’t the first place you think about visiting! But if you are looking for beaches somewhere different in July you will be astonished at the magnificent sandy beaches here where the temperatures are in the mid twenties, averaging around 23°c / 73°f. Most of the visitors are local so it’s definitely off the tourist route, but travellers go out our their way to see the famous sand dunes of the Slowinski National Park and unpoliled nature. Visit the pretty fishing town of Lebe and the busy city of Gdansk for medieval architecture, historic landmarks and modern hotels and buzzing bars.
  • Austria: By July in Austria it’s getting very hot, and averaging 26°c / 79°f it’s often closer to 30°c / 86°f, so Austria is not just great for skiing! With a mountain landscape of snow capped peaks and sparkling blue lakes, Austria in the summer is straight out of a postcard. Walking, relaxing and bathing in the mountain lakes in July is a great way to unwind from city life and smell the gorgeous alpine flowers. Even it’s capital city Vienna has it’s lakes to cool off in, take a boat ride from the baroque Old Town down the Danube into the Donau-Auen National Park, or join the many visitors to Vienna’s very own island – the Danube Island, with several long beaches to relax on. Of course pretty Vienna has more than it’s fair share of things to do, but Salzburg and Innsbruck also have plenty to offer tourists.


  • Canada – Toronto: If you want to visit Canada in the summer, July in Toronto is a fantastic 25°c / 77°f and upwards! Scare yourself with an Edgewalk on the CN tower and if you are brave enough to look up you’ll be rewarded with incredible views on the city. The city and it’s July festivals will keep you busy enough, but if you fancy making the most of that sunshine you can take a short ferry ride out to Toronto’s islands where you’ll even find a beach and wading pools. And for those that like to party get yourself down to the Entertainment District between Queen St and Lakeshore Blvd W, there’s a serious club scene in the Warehouse area and some fantastic bars to party the night away. Niagara Falls is only an hour or so away by car to the south or head up to Lake Simcoe an hour north for some swimming, fishing and boating surrounded by splendid views and fresh air!


  • Kenya: If you’ve always dreamed of glimpsing the Great Migration, then get yourself to Kenya in July. It’s the dry season and millions of animals swarm across the plains looking for water, so it’s a great time to see Wildebeest and Zebra as well as Elephants. Your best bet is to join a tour, where your knowledgable guides will transport you safely through the terrain to the best sites, cooking fresh food for you and helping you get the best out of your Safari. You don’t have to rough it, Kenya has some amazing luxury camps and great boutique hotels as well as more authentic camping where you’ll be roughing it in tents on the move to really discover some of the very best wildlife experiences. Of course probably the best known safari’s are on the Maasai Mara, but there are over 50 National Parks and reserves so research them well to get some great deals in July. The heat is a comfortable 23°c / 73°f average high.

South America

  • Peru: Visiting Peru in July is a great idea as it’s the peak of the dry season up in the mountains. However it’s also the busiest time of the year so expect it to get busy in the main tourist areas such as Machu Piccu and the Inca trail. The weather will always vary between the jungles, deserts and mountains of Peru. Down on the coast in Lima in July it can often be misty and cloud covered and around 20°c/ 68°f or so, and is hotter with less cloud cover in February. But for the Inca trail, little rainfall and minimal cloudcover in July means great climbing and trekking and a lot less mud! It tends to be around 21°c / 70°f and of course will get a lot chillier in the nights. Most people get to Machu Piccu via the fascinating city of Cusco which sits at over 3000 metres above sea level, so while you are acclimatising for your Machu Piccu trek enjoy the ancient delights of this Incan Capital for a few days and the plenty of wonders that surround the city. Discover the Amazon Jungle in the south east of Peru, and visit the deserts for white sand dunes hundreds of metres high, or arid expanses with the phenomen of the ancient Nazca Lines.
  • Venezuela: Venezuela is a great holiday destination any time of year, being close the the equator temperatures tend to remain fairly constant. There is more rainfall from June to November but it doesn’t have a dramatic effect and in July it means the impressive waterfalls will be flowing instead of a dry riverbed, the most well known being Angel falls. The coastline is on the Caribbean and the beaches are typical powder white sands, venture a little further and you’ll encounter coffee plantations, mountains, wildlife like you’ve only ever seen on Nat-Geo, buzzing cities and spectacular rain forest.