About Us

So you want to fly somewhere and you don’t want to spend a lot of money? I know that when I fly I like to find the cheapest airline ticket that I can, and a little bit of detective work often pays of big in savings. I know that I’ve been on an airplane and found out that the person beside me paid almost 3 times as much as me for their ticket and that is a really good feeling. They got no special treatment, they didn’t disembark the plane earlier than me, they just paid too much for their ticket because they didn’t search enough for low airfairs. With flightticketdeal.com we hope to help you with your online booking. You can read a lot of information about destinations, prices and travel-tips.

What we do

We help you to compare the best ticket prices for your flights. The search for low airfair begins right here on the Internet. There are a lot of different websites that will search hundreds of flights and then sort them by price for you, all within seconds. You simply tell the website where you are leaving from and where you want to go along with your travel dates and let it do the rest. Often they will even give you alternate airports if they are in the area to try and save you additional money. It also helps if you are flexible with your travel schedule because you can find the best airfairs when you travel when it’s cheapest. Once I find the best deal then I hop on over to the airline of choice and do a search on their website as well. Sometimes you can save a little more money by going with the airline directly instead of using a middleman. I also like to call the airline to see if they are having some kind of a special that isn’t included on the Internet. This pays off sometimes with an even deeper discount on my airline tickets. All in all it’s great to look around and see how low you can get your tickets. It makes the trip a lot nicer because it frees up some money to spend on other things that you usually would have spent on your flight.

Who we are

This website is managed and maintained by a team of enthusiastic and travel-loving specialists. We have a lot of experience in booking airline tickets. We have given hundreds of advice and compiled trips. We maintain our airline ticket comparator with great passion. We do this from our company in Europe (the Netherlands) and together with a dynamic team of experienced developers and marketers. We are constantly looking for new collaborators and guest bloggers. You can submit an application by sending an e-mail to hrm@flightticketdeal.com.

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Dr. van Deenweg 162
8025 BM, Zwolle, NL