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Are you here for cheap flights to Uzbekistan? With our flight price comparison checker you will book the most suitable airline tickets for vacation or business matters. Choose which airport you want to fly from, the city of destination, the departure and return date and the number of persons and the flight class. Then click on search. The system now calculates the best ticket deals for flights to Uzbekistan from your favorite providers like KLM (KL), Qatar Airways (QR) and Uzbekistan Airways. Comparing and booking flights via the internet is surprisingly affordable, efficient and and goes fast.

Low cost flight tickets to Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is situated in the Central Asia, it has great ancient cities which were located on the ancient silk road, the architecture of these cities of Uzbekistan are splendid and there are many sightseeing attractions also in these places, there are more than 4,000 historic architectural monuments in Ukraine like ancient temples and tombs, the culture is rich and distinct and the cuisine is great, the history and culture are the topmost attraction for the travelers and there are also opportunity to enjoy mountain landscapes, desert landscapes and camel back riding in Uzbekistan, Tashkent is the capital city Uzbekistan and the other destinations of importance being Samarkand and Bukhara. Get the cheapest flights to Uzbekistan easily via the internet. In the schedule below we give suggestions for the best airline ticket brokers.

What you need to know before your trip

Uzbekistan is a country in the continent of Asia. Payments go with the Uzbekistani som (UZS). The official language is Uzbek. The country has a pleasant Cold desert climate. The annual average temperature is 19 degrees centigrade. A popular travel period is April, May, September & October. Common plug types are C / F (220 V, 50 Hz). The major airport is Islam Karimov Tashkent International Airport in Tashkent (IATA code: TAS). The large national Uzbekistani airline is Uzbekistan Airways. The regular price level is: average. An overnight stay in a hotel costs about €48 per night. Also view more information about flying to Kazakhstan & Ivory coast.

CountryUzbekistan (UZ)
Flight typeIntercontinental flight
Biggest AirportTashkent International Airport (TAS)
Phone+998 71 140 28 01
Flag carrierUzbekistan Airways

Choose one of the country’s destinations:

  • Nukus
  • Margilan
  • Samarkand
  • Termiz
  • Chirchiq
  • Kokand
  • Olmaliq
  • Buchara
  • Urgench
  • Andizan
  • Navoiy
  • Tasjkent
  • Namangan
  • Angren
  • Fergana

  • Last-minute tickets May 2024: good flight ticket deals

    Do you want to reserve an affordable flight to Uzbekistan? This can be done online without any problems. Here are some practical tips: choose a budget airline, take advantage of early bird discount, set a price alert for last minute deals and don’t take too many extra options. By making use of a ticket comparator like Orbitz you can book the cheapest flights to Uzbekistan. Among other things with airlines like e.g. Emirates (EK), Turkish Airlines (TK) or Etihad Airways (EY).

    Which month to book?

    • January 2023: often the cheapest month to fly.
    • February 2023: spring break offers many possibilities.
    • March 2023: package tour with transfer, hotel and flight.
    • April 2023: the ideal time for a city trip in Tashkent.
    • May 2023: the best deals with all inclusive hotels.
    • June 2023: the best deals with flight and hotel just before the summer rush.
    • July 2023: during the summer holidays you have to take into account more crowds.
    • August 2023: take advantage of extra attractive cheap flight holiday packages.
    • September 2023: the period to book a last-minute flight.
    • October 2023: a unique destination for the autumn holidays.
    • November: 2022: an unforgettable winter holiday with the whole family.
    • December: 2022: many people like the winter sun in the Christmas holidays.

    Popular Uzbekistani airlines

    1. KLM (KL): a generous flight with first-class tickets.
    2. Qatar Airways (QR): excellent options for business flights and business class.
    3. Uzbekistan Airways: economy class tickets for everyone.
    4. Emirates (EK): a meal may also be served on board.
    5. Turkish Airlines (TK): inflight entertainment is available in various devices.
    6. Etihad Airways (EY): the plane offers enough space for your hand luggage.
    7. Malaysia Airlines (MH): you can easily check in your checked hold baggage in advance.
    8. SriLankan Airlines (UL): you can check in and download your boarding pass online or at the airport.
    9. China Southern Airlines (CZ): there are several flight attendants who can help you on board.
    10. Singapore Airlines (SQ): there is a discounted rate for young children (babies).

    Featured airport: Tashkent International Airport

    A good airfield nearby is Islam Karimov Tashkent International Airport. This is a large airport (located on 432 meters above the sea level) which is located in Tashkent. You can fly here with the most major airlines. On your navigation you can search for: 775J+5F Tashkent, Uzbekistan. More info? The official website is Of course you can also call +998 71 140 28 01. Airlines with an excellent connection include Malaysia Airlines (MH), SriLankan Airlines (UL), China Southern Airlines (CZ) and Singapore Airlines (SQ). The national airline is Uzbekistan Airways.

    Good departure airports in May 2024

    • Tashkent International Airport: the most popular departure airport in the country.
    • LaGuardia Airport (LGA): an easily accessible airport with many parking options.
    • Orlando International Airport (MCO): park your car in a guarded area with valet parking.
    • Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport (XMN): smooth handling at customs / security.
    • Vancouver International Airport (YVR): the signs in the gates / departure hall are very user-friendly.
    • Frankfurt am Main International Airport (FRA): when you have landed, you can walk quietly to the pleasant arrivals hall / terminal.
    • Fukuoka Airport (FUK): also easily accessible by public transport and train.
    • Haneda Airport (HND): excellent airport with punctual arrival and departure times.
    • Hamad International Airport (DOH): a quiet preparation in the pelax lounge.
    • Barcelona–El Prat Airport (BCN): thanks to the tax-free shopping (duty-free) you can shop cheaply.
    • Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH): an internationally recognized airport with thousands of travelers every day.
    • Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN): you can stay in various hotels near the airport.
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    Tashkent is the capital city of Uzbekistan, Tashkent is an ancient city on the Great Silk Road, it was called Chashkand before the 16th century but was slightly changed to Tashkand which means ‘stone city’, the modern spelling of Tashkent reflects Russian orthography. Because of the rich history of Tashkent the city has many an historic sightseeing opportunities though many have been destroyed in modernization, though there are attractions like Alisher Navoi Theater for ballet and opera, Amir Temur Monument and museum in the Amir Timur park, The central market ‘Oloy Bozori’ (known by most locals as the ‘Alayskee Bazaar’, war memorial, eternal flame and park. The TV Tower of Tashkent is the tallest structure in Central Asia, it is a 375 meter high tower, the construction of the tower started in 1978, the tower has an observation deck at the 97 meter level and restaurants with views of the city. Muslim visitors may wish to visit the mosque in the Hast Imam area of the city. The library there contains the remaining fragments of the world’s first Koran, which was written only 19 years after Muhammad’s death.


    Bukhara was formerly known as Bokhara, it is the fifth-largest city of Uzbekistan and the capital of the Bukhara Province of Uzbekistan. The city is one of the great trading cities along the Silk Road and has been the center for trade, religion. Culture and more since long, also the center of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Samanids Mausoleum is one of the most famous sites in Bukhara, the architecture is terrific and so is the design, the Mausoleum was built at the close of the ninth century. It was build as a family crypt immediately after the death of Ismail Samani’s father. Chor-Minor or the four minarets is situated in the eastern part of Bukhara, the structure was built in 1807 by Khalif Niazkul, the Chor-Minor has a unusual architecture, along with the four-turret building a madrassah with a courtyard, a pond and a summer mosque was also build, the four turrets have sky blue cupolas. The Kalyan Mosque & Minaret stand shoulder to shoulder, the Kalyan Mosque was build in 12th century and the mosque in 16th century, both the monuments are quiet impressive and their architecture is beautiful. Lyab-I-Hauz is a body of water reservoir in central Bukhara, the water body is enclosed by three large monumental buildings Kukeldash Madrassah in the north, khanaka in the west and Nodir Divan-begi in the east and in the south the square is closed with Trade Street.


    Samarkand or Samarqand is the second-largest city in Uzbekistan, it is also one of the most famous city of modern Uzbekistan, Samarkand is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, prospering because of it’s location on the trade route between China and Europe, Samarkand has beautiful architectural monuments also the city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Bibi-Khonym Mosque remains one of the city’s most famous landmarks, it was constructed in the 1399, at the time of it’s construction it was considered to be one of the biggest Mosque ever with the largest dome in the Muslim world, the Mosque was constructed by Amir Temur in 1399. The Registan Square is one of the main attractions of Samarkand, the word Registan means “sand place”. The Registan Square consists of three Madrassah namely Ulugbek Madrassah, Sher – Dor Madrassah and the Tilla-Kari Madrassah which is gold covered, the place surely stands up to it’s reputation as the heart of the ancient Samarkand. The Gur-Emir Mausoleum is where Tamurlane is buried along with several sons and a grandson, it is said that he made pyramids out of the skulls of the people he defeated Shah-i-Zinda is situated on southeastern mound of Afrosiab. This architectural complex consists of 44 tombs in more than 20 mausoleums, it’s a big medieval burial complex, often referred to as “the street of the dead”. It is considered as a holy place for Muslims. Khazrat-Khizr is a beautiful ancient mosque at the entrance of town, it was destroyed by Genghis Khan and was rebuilt in 19 century. From here one can watch over the Bibi-Khonym Mosque, the big bazaar and the mountains in the South. Ulugbek was the grandson of Timur and also a astronomer, scientist and a architect, today only the foundations remain of the Ulugbek’s telescope but it is truly extraordinary.

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