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If you are thinking of a holiday in March, take a look at our top recommended March destinations for hot holidays in 2014. Many of us struggle to find good places to go on Holiday in March so we suggest some great places to go outside of the rainy season and outside of the hurricane season. If you’ve been somewhere hot in March that you would recommend add your travel review.

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Destinations in Europe in March 2023

  • The Canary Islands in March are an ideal choice for warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine. If you are looking for a quiet island full of nature consider La Palma. It is a little different to the better known islands of Tenerife, Grand Canaria, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. It’s very mountainous, laid back and quiet with quaint towns, but still has gorgeous beach coves and fantastic weather. It’s soft sandy beaches are actually fine black sand due to it being an ancient volcanic island, meaning it’s rich volcanic soil allows for some truly stunning flora, pine forests and some great trekking. Or you will do well to choose any of the other islands for great activities, especially for the kids. With a multitude of hotels, bars and beaches you’ll find some cracking deals. The Canaries are known for their year round sunshine and its a pleasant 22°c / 72°f on average in March.
  • If you are thinking of visiting Italy in March then its probably not going to be a beach holiday at 16°c / 61°f, but it’s a fantastic time to visit the major cities of Italy in March. Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice and Turin will be sunny and quiet, and one of the best times of year to visit all the top sights without being bogged down with crowds and queues. Service is better, hotel and flight prices are better and on the whole a very enjoyable month for city exploring. Yes you’ll have a few rain showers, and be cooler in the evening, but afternoons will be just right. 
  • Malaga: We all know Spain is baking hot in the summer months but Malaga in March can reach a warm and sunny 19°c / 66°f, so if you fancy a European getaway the pretty traditional spanish city rests on the clear blue Costa del Sol. Visit it’s many museums and galleries, sample local wine and cuisine and enjoy it’s culture and heritage wandering through it’s streets surrounded by gothic architecture mixed with modern, Malaga even has it’s own 15th century castle…all this and a beach? 
  • Crete is one of the favourite Greek islands being the largest and more southernly of the Greek Islands and often warmer. In March in Crete is beginning to warm up nicely at 20°c / 68°f. It’s often warmer than this but remember this is March and you can’t be expecting the same heat as it gets in May. It’s an island of beaches, and whichever resort you choose to stay in there’s no need to just stay on that beach, explore a little and take a wander or boat trip to the next beaches along and see Crete at its best. See our travellers reviews for more sights in Crete. 
  • Cyprus is one of those mediterranean destinations which remains hot for a lot of the year, Cyprus in March is warm and bright averaging 20°c / 68°f and getting warmer towards the end of the month. Ok by Cyprus’s summer standards this is fairly cool, but if you are looking for a mediterranean destination this would be one of your best bets, and being out of season you will get incredible deals. It’s great weather for doing the more cultural sightseeing out of the searing heat of summer, explore it’s ancient capital Nicosia, enjoy driving the quiet roads across the island through the mountains, and search out the real Cyprus out of season and enjoy delicious meals in local tavernas rather than the typical tourist food joints. 

North Africa

  • If you’ve been wracking your brains for somewhere interesting, safe, as well as hot in March then why not head out to the Cape Verde Islands? It will be around 25°c /77°f warm and sunny. Get there before the big tourist rush while it still remains un-spoiled and an up and coming tourist destination. It has all you need for a great sunshine holiday. Don’t expect to find a lively nightlife on Cape Verde as it’s not as developed as the Canary Islands or Madeira, but most hotels have plenty of entertainment and more than enough bars to keep you happy for your holiday. So if you are mainly looking for blue skies and somewhere hot thats not too far to fly to, then Cape Verde is a great choice, especially as an alternative to Eygpt and Tunisia if you are looking for a change. The islands of Cape Verde are lower than the Canary Islands off the west coast of Africa, so an extra hour or so flight time. It’s becoming well known for its watersports such as kitesurfing and surfing, and being a fairly new place to go it has many brand new and modern hotels.
  • The year round hot destination of Egypt can generally be relied upon for guaranteed sunshine, and when you are searching for sun in March you’ll find it here with highs of around 26°c / 78°f. Its known world wide for its diving and you don’t need to be an expert, much of the time if you are staying on the Red Sea you’ll be able to snorkle out to the coral right from the beach. With ancient history to be discovered this doesn’t just have to be a beach holiday, soak up the culture and sights of the famous pyramids, desert, river Nile, markets and museums. Check Egypt Travel Advice before booking. 
  • If you’ve been looking for good places for a holiday in March within a reasonable distance then Morocco is a great choice. If you are heading for the beaches Agadir is a great location and will be around 25°c / 76°f. The exciting city of Marrakech will be around 23°c / 73°f. There is simply so much to recommend this country for activities, shopping, history and sunshine it’s hard to know where to start, so if you are aiming for the beaches try to include a day or two heading in-land a little to benefit from the colourful culture, the incredible landscapes not to mention the majestic Atlas mountains
  • Tunisia: It’s warming up in March to an average of 21°c /70°f but often a few degrees hotter throughout the month. It’s always been very popular for holidays in the Spring and Autumn, as well as the summer for those that can handle the heat when it switches up to 34 degrees and higher. The favourite resort is Hammamet, but if you take a short trip further south to Port El Kantaoui you’ll be surprised to find a very modern and cosmopolitan area for glamourous shopping and pretty yachts. 

Flight holiday in the United States

  • It’s spring break in March and New Orleans in Louisiana  bursts back into life, a warm 22°c / 72°f with lovely sunny days. Known as a city to party in – especially in March – New Orleans is a completely fascinating city on the Mexican Gulf. It’s not just for party goers, every type of tourist will enjoy the culture, food, music, ambience, and beautiful old eclectic architecture. Louisiana is home to countless lakes, in particular Lake Charles, well known for it’s beaches, watersports and wildlife. You’ll also find plenty of beaches along it’s gulf coast, this is the type of holiday destination for those looking to be entertained and exploring America’s south.
  • Even if you’ve been to Florida many times, there are so many wonderful places to visit and endless beaches on the Gulf Coast, the Keys and Atlantic coastline you could visit 20 times and not scratch the surface of what Florida has to offer. It has reached 26°c / 79°f by now in March so no wonder it’s one of the USA’s best holiday destinations. Miami being a hub airport is naturally one of the first places to start your holiday from, a great city on the east coast with beautiful views of Marinas, amazing shopping, wide sandy beaches. Futher south are the Florida Key’s and around the peninsula on the west coast are the Gulf beaches and city of Tampa. You’ll have heard of Florida’s alligators, so if you are curious to catch sight of one take an airboat ride around the Everglades. And we haven’t even touched on the grown-ups playground of Disneyland in Orlando yet! Florida Reviews >

Indian Ocean

  • It’s the dry season in the Maldives in March, and the temperature tends to stay around 30°c / 86°f. May to November has more rain and storms, whereas March is at it’s peak heat and a fantastic month for a holiday in the Maldives. After idyllic beaches and sunshine, one of the top things to do in the Maldives is to go Whale Watching. Take a whale safari and you’ll have the opportunity to see many whale species even the incredible Blue Whale. The resorts in the Maldives specialise in Luxury so enjoy the Spa options, listen to the hum of nature and relax! There’s plenty of excursions and if you want to find out a little more about Maldivian life, a trip to one of the inhabited islands and sample local curries, buy hand crafted gifts and watch the local fishermen come in with their days catch.
  • The Seychelles has been welcoming and looking after tourists for years, so you can expect them to be good at it! It’s favourite Honeymoon holiday destination and cruise stop and March is their peak of summer. However this is a tropical island and with that comes rain. It doesn’t necessarily rain every day, and when it does rain it just may be an afternoon downpour but do expect a few days to have rain at this time of the year which is still the wet season – unlike back home it doesn’t get cold when it rains. Gorgeous national parks support rich marine life and make it perfect for a snorkelling exerience in warm clear waters. It’s likely to be around a sizzling 31°c / 88°f, and you can shelter inland amongst its green mountains where you’ll find restaurants scattered around offering the delicious Creole dishes it so loves. Its a very small island, and well worth touring around rather than staying put in your resort. 
  • Yes Mauritius is definitely hot in March, 30°c / 86°f .The summer in Mauritius is now at it’s peak temperatures in February and March. With the heat comes a sprinkling of rain now and then and possibly a thunderstorm, however when the rain burns off quickly you’ll get scorching sunshine, and you’ll also see the plant life and forests at it’s very best having enjoyed a good watering! It’s what keeps Mauritius beautifully green. Some of the best resorts in the world have set themselves up on Mauritus so that guests can ejoy the alluring beauty of the beaches and the warm Indian Ocean for a dip. 

South America

Brazil – Rio de Janeiro
Brazil is a vast country, so weather will of course vary dramatically according to where you visit. But if you are looking for a beach holiday in Rio de Janeiro then March is one of the best times to visit. The hot season is between January and March so you will find that March in Rio is a whopping 31°c / 88°f! You an expect a few tropical thunderstorms and it’s likely to be rather busy being peak season. Rio is famous for its festivals, and in March it’s the Rio Circuit which is a cycling event that passes through the city and draws large crowds from all over the world. Holy week can sometimes land in the March Calendar, otherwise it’s in April and is centred around Easter celebrations lasting a week. The city of Rio lies along a sizzling white beach and is nestled between a backdrop of stunning mountains including the renouned Sugarloaf mountain

Ecuador – Galapagos Islands
The remote islands of Galapagos lie over 600 miles off the Euadorian coast, however these unique islands are on many people Travel ‘to do’ list for the incredible scenery and wildlife. Ecuador in March is summer season, and the temperature out on the islands will reach around 31°c / 88°f , so it’s pretty hot! This time of the year comes with it’s fair share of tropical rain, but it is less rain in March than peak season of December and January. It’s part and parcel of this regions makeup and creates the lush jungle and cloud forests! If you have the time to take a cruise/boat tour out to the islands this really is the best way to see the magnificent wildlife and get as close as possible to many of the parks as much of it is protected. However you can fly there from the mainland, of course you wouldn’t want to miss out on spending a little time on the fantastic beaches on the mainland as well as some fascinating city tours and nightlife. Definitely a trip of a lifetime.

Safari in March

If you are looking for the best time to go on a safari you will find that theres a country in Africa that can offer you safari any time of the year. However, if you are looking for good places to go in March then East Africa will tend to be the best destinations as it is still just within the dry season. These are our top recommended Safari destinations in March:

Although June to September is the dry season in Tanzania, March is one of the best times of the year to see game and the Wildebeest calving in the Serengeti. You’ll still get to take an amazing safari albeit out of season and you’ll be away from the packed crowds that arrive from June, meaning a more leisurely safari pace and some top safari deals. The main rains begin in April, so by going in March you’ll typically find the weather to be around 29°c / 84°f and perfect for combining with a beach holiday on some of the softest powder sands in the world.