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How to find cheap flights to Russia? With our flight price comparison checker you can buy the most wanted flight tickets to this special destination. Choose the airport where you want to depart, your destination, the travel dates and the number of adults and children. Now press the search button. Then you can immediately compare the best ticket deals for flights to Russia from the best air passenger carriers like Ryanair (FR), Turkish Airlines (TK) & Transavia (HV). Comparing and booking flights via the internet is is financially attractive, efficient and and is very easy.

Low cost flight tickets to Russia

Russia is the biggest country on the planet area wise it is also a very attractive tourist destination, Russia features in the top ten most visited countries on the planet, Moscow is the capital of Russia other major city being St. Petersburg, Russia has a distinctive aura about it. The sheer size of the country ensures diversified climate and terrain, winters range from cool to frigid while summers range from humid to cool. Russia has lot to offer and access to most cities and places are readily available, All big cities have airports, road links and railways also being available though railways are the costliest option from the three. Find the cheapest flights to Russia easily via the internet. In our comparator you will find the most popular airline ticket brokers.

Country Information

Russia is part of Europe. The currency of the country is the Russian ruble (RUB). The language here is Russian. You are dealing with a Subarctic climate. The average temperature here is 6 degrees Celsius. The best travel period is May to August. Common plug types are C / F (220 V, 50 Hz). One of the most famous airports is Moskou Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow (IATA code: SVO). A well-known Russian air company is Aeroflot. The average price level is: average. An average stay in an accommodation has a price tag of €46 per night. Also check tips and tricks for cheap flights to Cambodia or Hong Kong.

CountryRussia (RU)
Flight typeEuropean flight
Main AirportSheremetyevo International Airport (SVO)
Phone+7 495 578-65-65
Largest AirlineAeroflot

Popular destinations in this country:

  • Nadym
  • Amderma
  • Astrakhan
  • Gelendzhik
  • Norilsk
  • Khabarovsk
  • Archangelsk
  • Orenburg
  • Anapa
  • Chulman
  • Lipetsk
  • Moermansk
  • Tsjerepovets
  • Krasnodar
  • Usinsk

  • Last minute flights July 2024: good flight ticket deals

    Do you want to buy a fast and cheap flight to Russia? That is not very complex. Here are some tips: select a lowbudget airline, buy well in advance if possible (early booking discount), search directly at the airlines for the best lastminutes and possibly fly another day. By means of a booking platform like Orbitz you can search the cheapest flights to Russia. As with airlines like Wizz Air (W6), Aeroflot and KLM (KL).

    Which month to book?

    • January 2023: is one of the cheapest months to fly.
    • February 2023: an excellent idea for spring break.
    • March 2023: opt for a package holiday if you want maximum guarantee.
    • April 2023: the ideal time for a city trip in Moscow.
    • May 2023: enjoy the ultimate comfort in an all-inclusive resort.
    • June 2023: a flight and hotel deal provides clarity about the total price.
    • July 2023: The summer holidays are an expensive period, so book on time.
    • August 2023: take advantage of extra attractive cheap flight holiday packages.
    • September 2023: there are usually many last minute flights available this time.
    • October 2023: view the best deals for a wonderful autumn holiday.
    • November: 2022: go away for 1 or 2 weeks during the winter holidays.
    • December: 2022: many people like the winter sun in the Christmas holidays.

    Top-10 Russian airlines

    1. Ryanair (FR): a generous flight with first-class tickets.
    2. Turkish Airlines (TK): extra comfort with a business flight in business class.
    3. Transavia (HV): from luxury to economy class for every budget.
    4. Wizz Air (W6): on some flights an onboard meal is offered.
    5. Aeroflot: inflight entertainment is available in various devices.
    6. KLM (KL): easy to book extra hand luggage.
    7. Scandinavian Airlines (SK): view the rules for checked hold baggage on the website of the airline.
    8. easyJet (U2): seamless online check-in and request a boarding pass via website or App.
    9. Delta Air Lines (DL): flight attendants give safety briefings and help you with baggage.
    10. Lufthansa (LH): travel cheaply with (young) children and babies.

    Featured airport: Sheremetyevo International Airport

    A conveniently located airfield in this country is Moskou Sheremetyevo Airport. According to our database it is a large airport (located on 190 meters above sea level) located in Moscow. You can fly here with the most major airlines. You can search for the address on google maps: XCF7+2R Khimki, Moscow Oblast, Russia. More info? The official website is http://www.svo.aeroor call with +7 495 578-65-65. You can fly here with airlines such as Scandinavian Airlines (SK), easyJet (U2), Delta Air Lines (DL) or Lufthansa (LH). The national airline is Aeroflot.

    Local departure airports in July 2024

    • Sheremetyevo International Airport: most flights fly to and from this airport.
    • Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW): parking spaces within walking distance of the terminal.
    • San Francisco International Airport (SFO): worry-free parks or use of valet parking.
    • Changsha Huanghua International Airport (CSX): fast security and customs for a pleasant flight.
    • Sydney Airport (SYD): a pleasant departure hall / gates with many amenities.
    • Hong Kong International Airport (HKG): shortly after landing, your luggage will be ready in the arrivals hall / terminal.
    • Narita International Airport (NRT): very easy to reach by public transport and train.
    • Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL): reliable airport with accurate arrival and departure times.
    • Hamad International Airport (DOH): a quiet preparation in the pelax lounge.
    • Incheon International Airport (ICN): thanks to the tax-free shopping (duty-free) you can shop cheaply.
    • Antalya Airport (AYT): an internationally recognized airport with thousands of travelers every day.
    • London Stansted Airport (STN): stay overnight in a hotel near the airport for a well-rested journey.
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    Weather forecast Monday, July 15, 2024

    Visit St. Petersburg

    A vista to the mélange of historical buildings replete with architectural exuberance, or the haunting magnificence of White Nights while strolling one of the 300 bridges – and lo! Presenting you the ‘Venice of the North’ or ‘the Paris of the East’ – St. Petersburg. Russia’s 2nd largest city demands a look as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
    Call it Petrograd or Leningrad, but you simply can’t run away from its czarist dynasty. Unearthed by Czar Peter, the Great it has an ambience, which is uniquely striking.

    • Bridges: With names as varied as the locations, places or the famous personalities, you just can’t avoid them. And, be ready to be greeted by lions, horses and even griffins. An eye for detail will make you realize that the Blue Bridge is the widest bridge in the world. This ensemble of cast iron spans across the Moika River. This quaint arched bridge is a reminder of the swampy past. Enjoy a White Night on the Liteyny Bridge and see the wonder it makes.
    • Hermitage Museum: With a packaging as resplendent as the Winter Palace, witness the rich and large collection of Western European art at this green and white three – storey palace. Founded by Catherine, The Great it houses 3 million works of Italian Renaissance and French Impressionist paintings. Be it Picasso or Matisse, the museum is a cornucopia of not only ‘framed work’ but also, of grandeur interiors. The baroque palace has the perfect look not to be missed. Soak in the arty feast in more than a visit, if you really have a thing for it. Also, you have the Hermitage theatre, which is very palatial. And, it houses the world –famous music of the Swan Lake and The Nutcracker. Hope you are all ears for it.
    • Aurora: Take a blast from the past, as you explore the Museum Ship. A symbol of the 1917 October Revolution, the Aurora was a Russian Battleship. Now, it’s a closet full of memories of the achievements of the Navy.
    • Russian Museum: Nothing like preserving the soil’s relics, here in the Russian Museum all you will find is contemporary Russian art. Portraits of the Constructivist and post – Impressionist era by Malevich, Kandinsky and Chagall are a part of this place. Situated inside the Mikhailovsky Palace, do take in the view of the building’s backside. And, this yellow and white palace will definitely, mesmerize you.
    • Mariinsky Palace: Become a Day – Trip Designer, as you go on inspecting the period furniture over here. Just opposite St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Palace as of today houses the City Council. It boasted of an enormous greenhouse, where it was said that pineapples grew rather well.
    • St. Isaac’s Cathedral: The largest church in the city, a monolith inside out will give you an enchanting view as you climb up 43 meters. Where will you find a 100 kg of gold, polished over the gilded dome? A blend of mosaics, frescoes and bas – reliefs? Look no further, as St. Isaac’s Cathedral perfectly fits the bill.
    • Kazan Cathedral: The most peculiar observation made over here is the familiarity in design. Yes, and why not? Of course, the Kazan Cathedral is modeled after the St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. Give a break to your informative trip and get in touch with your spiritual – being.
    • Church of the Savior on blood: A rather morbid name, as the stained past. The Church of Resurrection must not be given a miss for anything. The gorgeous, ancient, native style church was the marked spot of Czar Alexander II’s assassination. Completely contrast to this gloomy remembrance is the brightly colored orange domes. Do visit it, if not for religious motives then for the plain starking difference.
    • Peter and Paul Fortress: What was once a political prison, home to Trotsky and others, has sprawled across as a fortress, cathedral and a burial place. The oldest building in town, it accommodates the Peter and Paul Cathedral. Its symbolic as a the burial place of all Russian Emperors and Empresses. It has the City History Museum and the Mint. Coin collectors can have a gala of a time.
    • Mariinsky Theatre: Famously known as the ‘Kirov Theatre of Opera and Ballet.’ This 1780 – seat’s posterity just adds to its glamour quotient. The theater has played host to some of Russia’s greatest performers, including the dancers Nizhinsky, Pavlova and Nureev. During pre-revolutionary times the theater enjoyed royal patronage and has played host to some of Russia’s most celebrated classical performers; Fiodor Shaliapin sang there. The aquamarine walls hint at the city’s naval ambitions, but everything else about the Mariinsky celebrates St. Petersburg’s cultural heritage.
    • The Bronze Horseman: Who was the city’s famous rider? Have no clue.. Then just whiz past the equestrian statue of the Bronze Horseman. And yes, now you know it was Peter The Great. This flamboyant pose was the brainchild of his wife.
    • Peterhof Residence: An opulent country house, it was the grand Peter’s palace. A replica of the Versailles, that’s ‘Petrodvorets’ for one and all. While there, do saunter around the Grand Cascade and the Water Avenue. The dense forest, magnanimous chandeliers are the delight of his residence.
    • Gostiny Dvor Shopping Arcade: A convenience landmark, an out door market – the arcade houses everything from delicacy to aristocracy. A modern shopping mall, it’s awakens the shopaholic in you. After all, some retail therapy never harmed anyone.
    • Admiralty: Come to the classical Admiralty building, the construction site for some of the first ships of Russia’s Baltic Fleet. It’s complete with white columns, stucco relief and a gleaming spire, which is the building’s foundation, as a point visible from the city’s chief avenues. Now a naval academy, and though it’s closed to the public, its grounds are worth a wander.
    • Nevsky Prospekt: St. Petersburg’s lively main street, lined with many of the city’s most famous attractions and the hub of its commercial and business activities. Nevsky runs right through the heart of the city from the austere Alexander Nevsky Monastery to the Baroque splendors of the Winter Palace and the Hermitage. Nevsky Prospekt is also the city’s central shopping street and the hub of the city’s entertainment and nightlife. Evening is the ideal time to discover St. Petersburg’s main thoroughfare. . The street’s architectural precision can still be appreciated by streetlight.
    • Palace Square: Called the heart of St. Petersburg, enter the Triumphal Arch from Nevsky Prospekt. It is the lone witness of the troubled history lasting around 300 years. Beware of the crick in the neck as you gaze at the Alexander Column – the tallest in the world. Everyone’s imprint like the czars, imperial revelry, worker’s mutiny, riots et al are felt over here. Drop in at Palace Square and behold history unfolds.

    Visit Moscow

    Moscow is the capital and one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Russia. Moscow has a long and rich history the city was restored as USSR’s capital in 1918 before which the capital was St. Petersburg. Moscow is also the country’s political, cultural, religious and financial center. Moscow is located on the Moskva River and has been destroyed and rebuild many a times throughout history but it still remains a beautiful and wonderful capital city.

    • The Kremlin: The Kremlin is the most well known destination in Moscow; it is located in the heart of the city overlooking the Moskva River. The Kremlin is a historic fortified complex with four palaces, four cathedrals, enclosing Kremlin Wall with Kremlin towers. The complex also serves as the official residence of the President of Russia.
    • Red Square: Red Square is situated in the heart of Moscow, it is said to have appeared at the end of 15th century when wooden structures near Kremlin were removed. Today the red square is surrounded by St. Basil’s Cathedral, the State History Museum, Lenin’s Mausoleum and one of the Kremlin’s long brick walls
    • Lenin Mausoleum: Lenin Mausoleum also known as Lenin’s Tomb is situated in the Red Square, the place is the last resting place of Vladimir Lenin.
    • St Basil Cathedral: The St Basil Cathedral was built in 1555-61; the cathedral has a beautiful architecture and there is also a museum in the premises here.
    • Pushkin Museum: The Pushkin Museum of fine arts is located on the Volkhonka Street; the museum is dedicated to western art and is the largest museum of European art in Moscow. The museum has some great art works as exhibits.
    • Gorky Park: Moscow has many parks but probably Gorky Park is the most well known of them all, the park is very popular amongst the locals. The park has theme park rides, cafes, ice skate and more.
    • Christ the Savior Cathedral: The Christ the Savior Cathedral was first consecrated in April, 10, 1883 but was destroyed later and was then again rebuilt in the mid-nineties; there is a museum underneath the cathedral documenting it’s entire history.

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