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You want to book all-inclusive flights to Latvia? With our flight price comparison checker you will explore the most wanted return flights for vacation or business matters. Choose the airport where you want to depart, your destination, the outward and return flight date and the number of passengers. Now press the search button. Then you can immediately compare the best ticket deals for flights to Latvia from the best air passenger carriers like Ryanair (FR), Turkish Airlines (TK) or Delta Air Lines (DL). Buying tickets via the internet is affordable, fair and and and it is very easy to use.

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Latvia is a small country in northern Europe which got it’s independence from Soviet Union in 1991, though Latvia is small it is not small on what it has on offer for a prospective traveler, the top attraction of Latvia is it’s culture and history, it’s natural beauty and numerous sightseeing opportunities, Latvia has a beautiful coastline and forests, it has sightseeing opportunities like palaces, magnificent castles, churches and more, Latvian culture is diverse and the Latvian way of life unique, Riga is the capital city of Latvia other major destinations being Sigulda and Liepaja. Find the cheapest flights to Latvia online in just a few minutes. Attached we provide advice for the most chosen ticketshops.

Practical info about the country

Latvia is located in Europe. The currency of the country is the Euro (LVL). You can make yourself understood in Latvian. In terms of climate, it is a Warm-summer humid continental climate. The average annual temperature is 9°C. An excellent travel period is June to August. The socket type is F (230 V, 50 Hz). The largest airport in the country is Riga International Airport in Riga (IATA code: RIX). The large national Latvian air company is airBaltic. The local price level is: expensive. An overnight stay in this country costs approx. €73 per night. Also check out cheap flights to Costa Rica or Thailand.

CountryLatvia (LV)
Flight typeEuropean flight
Busiest AirportRiga International Airport (RIX)
Phone+371 29 311 187
Popular AirlineairBaltic

Choose one of the country’s destinations:

  • Riga
  • Liepaja
  • Daugavpils

  • Last-minute tickets July 2024: the best flight ticket deals

    Do you want to see options for a fast and cheap flight to Latvia? That is not very complex. We are happy to give you some tips: view the options for a no-nonsense airline, book early in the season (early booking discount), search directly at the airlines for the best lastminutes and only take hand luggage with you. By choosing an airline ticket comparator like you can book the cheapest flights to Latvia. Among other things with airlines like e.g. easyJet (U2), airBaltic & Transavia (HV).

    A good departure month

    • January 2023: often the cheapest month to fly.
    • February 2023: get out during spring break.
    • March 2023: excellent booking conditions within a package holiday.
    • April 2023: enjoy the versatility of the city with a city trip in Riga.
    • May 2023: consider an all-inclusive hotel this period.
    • June 2023: a favorable time for a package deal with flight and hotel.
    • July 2023: the summer holidays are perfect for a wonderful holiday.
    • August 2023: a favorable period for booking cheap flight holiday packages.
    • September 2023: just after the summer you can enjoy a last-minute flight for a while.
    • October 2023: a pleasant autumn holiday with your family.
    • November: 2022: go for a unique flying holiday during the winter holidays.
    • December: 2022: chasing the winter sun during the Christmas Holidays!

    Popular Latvian airlines

    1. Ryanair (FR): book first-class tickets for ultimate comfort.
    2. Turkish Airlines (TK): optimum comfort for business travelers in business class.
    3. Delta Air Lines (DL): affordable economy class seats available.
    4. easyJet (U2): enjoy a meal on board.
    5. airBaltic: onboard entertainment: Movies, music and TV series.
    6. Transavia (HV): excellent options for hand luggage, extra booking is possible.
    7. KLM (KL): a premium is charged for extra checked hold baggage.
    8. Lufthansa (LH): online check-in and boarding pass accessible through the App.
    9. Scandinavian Airlines (SK): the flight attendants help you boarding and checking out.
    10. Wizz Air (W6): pleasant equipment for families with children / babies.

    Largest airport: Riga International Airport

    An excellent airfield in this destination is Riga International Airport. It is known as a large airport (located on 11 meters above the sea level) in Riga. Many well-known airlines have a connection to this hub. You can search for the address on google maps: WXFC+CC Lidosta “Rīga”, Mārupes novads, Latvia. For tickets and departure times see Phone support is available via +371 29 311 187. For example, you can fly with KLM (KL), Lufthansa (LH), Scandinavian Airlines (SK) & Wizz Air (W6). The national airline is airBaltic.

    Popular departure airports in July 2024

    • Riga International Airport: this airport handles most incoming flights daily.
    • Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport (FLL): a busy airport with plenty of parking spaces.
    • Miami International Airport (MIA): by valet parking you drive home quickly after your return.
    • Nanjing Lukou International Airport (NKG): customs and security are very well organized here.
    • São Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport (GRU): good instructions at the gates/departures.
    • Frankfurt am Main International Airport (FRA): after landing you will stay briefly in the pleasant arrival hall / terminal.
    • Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL): very easy to reach by public transport and train.
    • Cancún International Airport (CUN): easily keep an eye on arrival and departure times.
    • Sheremetyevo International Airport (SVO): workplaces with internet access, reading areas and seating groups in the lounge.
    • Zürich Airport (ZRH): thanks to the tax-free shopping (duty-free) you can shop cheaply.
    • Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH): an internationally recognized airport with thousands of travelers every day.
    • Manchester Airport (MAN): there is a sufficient supply of hotel rooms available near the airport.
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    Riga is the capital of Latvia and it is a more than 800 years old city, it is situated on the Baltic Sea coast and is the largest city in the Baltic States, Riga has some interesting architecture as it was an important economical centre, today Riga is a fast evolving, vibrant and modern city, for visitors there are many a sites The Historic Centre of Riga has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the city is particularly notable for its extensive Art Nouveau (Jugendstil) architecture.

    • The Museum of the Occupation of Latvia: The Museum of the Occupation of Latvia is in Riga it was established in 1993, as the name suggests the museum was build to highlight the time (1940 to 1991) when Latvia was under foreign occupation, the museum is about the wrong doings committed by foreign powers and a tribute to those who perished
    • Brothers’ Cemetery: The Brothers’ Cemetery or Cemetery of the Brethren is a military cemetery and national monument, it is a memorial and a burial ground for thousands of Latvian soldiers who fought occupation and strived to free Latvia. There is also the statue of Mother Latvia and an eternal flame.
    • St. Peter’s Church: The St. Peter’s Church is the oldest church in Riga built in 1209, the church is a tall church and it dominates Riga’s skyline infact one can go inside the church use the lift and see Old city from the height of 72 meters , till date the church is rebuild 8 times.
    • House of Blackheads: House of Blackheads is a magnificent building which was originally built in 1344 destroyed in 1941 and then again in 1948, it was rebuilt in 2001 with careful attention to its original structure today is serves as a museum and sometimes concert hall.
    • Riga Castle: Riga Castle was built in the year 1330 and was reconstructed at the end of the 18th century, and at the beginning of the 19th century, today the castle houses two museums and is also the residence of the President of Latvia and hence much of the castle is off limits and well secured.
    • Riga Zoo: Riga Zoo is a zoo in Riga, a great destination if one is traveling along with the family, the zoo is located in Mezas park in the north eastern part of the city, the Mezas park also has a large lake, an amusement park, sport facilities and more, Riga Zoo houses around 3000 animals of nearly 500 species which include lions, crocodiles, wolves, monkeys, elephants and more, the zoo also has a large herd of kiangs, wild asses from Tibet.


    Liepaja is a city in western Latvia on the Baltic Sea, Liepaja is the third-largest city in Latvia and an important ice-free port, Liepaja is the windiest city in Latvia and hence also known as “the city where the wind is born”, Liepaja began as a fishing village but now has become a major trading port, today Liepaja has beautiful architecture, vibrant nightlife, art galleries, sandy beaches and more.

    • Karosta Prison: Karosta Prison was a detention facility until 1997 but now a tourist attraction, it was used by the Soviets, Nazis and Latvians as a military prison.


    Sigulda is located some 100 kilometers to the east of Riga in Latvia, Sigulda is known as the ‘Switzerland of Latvia’ as it is situated in a picturesque part of the primeval Gauja river valley, after the Latvian independence in 1991, Sigulda’s has been projected as a tourist destination by Latvia and hence visitors can enjoy sports such as skiing, bobsledding, bungee jumping along with the monuments, the history and culture.

    • Turaida castle: The Turaida castle is one of the major attractions in Sigulda, it is about 4 kms outside of Sigulda, it has a small cafe and a exhibition space and it offers a has fabulous views over the valley and the river.
    • Gutmanis cave: The Gutmanis cave lies half-way between Sigulda and Turaida castle, the cave still bears inscriptions from as early as the 17th century and has a little creek flowing from it. People believe that drinking this water is supposed to be healthy and boosts one’s lifespan

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