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Want to fly cheaply to South Korea? Via the ticket search engine you can find the most favorable airline tickets to this amazing place. Choose from the airports where you want to depart, your destination, the departure date and the number of flight tickets required. Now click continue. You can now instantly see the best ticket deals for flights to South Korea from relevant airlines like SriLankan Airlines (UL), Thai Airways (TG) and Korean Air. Buying tickets online is affordable, secure and and simple.

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South Korea is a very mountainous country about 70% of the country in covered with mountains, South Korea has a history of tragedies but now it’s through them and now it is a progressive nation with some world class cities and destinations, South Korea has a very unique and colorful culture for it’s visitors to experience, South Korea offers opportunities for visitors to indulge in sightseeing there are palaces, museums, religious sites, national parks and more and also to indulge in outdoor activities, skiing is very popular among tourists, Seoul is the capital city of South Korea other major destinations being Busan and Gyeongju. Here you will find tips for booking the cheapest flights to South Korea today! In our compare tool we list the most popular brokers.

Practical info about the country

South Korea is a part of the continent Asia. The currency of the country is the South Korean won (KRW). The official language is Korean. The country has a pleasant Humid continental climate. Throughout the year the temperature is 15 degrees Celsius °C. A nice travel period is September October. The socket type is C / F (220 V, 60 Hz). One of the most famous airports is Incheon International Airport in Seoul (IATA code: ICN). An important South Korean airline is Korean Air. The local price level is: very expensive. A hotel room costs about €74 for 2 persons. Also check out our page about flying cheaply to Portugal & Zimbabwe.

CountrySouth Korea (KR)
Flight typeIntercontinental flight
Busiest AirportIncheon International Airport (ICN)
Phone+82 1577-2600
National AirlineKorean Air

Popular destinations in this country:

  • Wonju
  • Ulsan
  • Seoul
  • Cheongju
  • Mokpo
  • Busan
  • Daegu
  • Kunsan
  • Kwangju
  • Pohang
  • Chinju
  • Yeosu
  • Jeju
  • Yangyang

  • Last-minute tickets February 2024: good flight ticket deals

    Do you want to see options for a favorable flight to South Korea? That is not hard. Here are some practical tips: look for deals from no-frills airline, buy well in advance if possible (early booking discount), use a price alert for last minutes and don’t take too many extra options. Via a booking platform like Skyscanner you can fix the cheapest flights to South Korea. You can travel with airlines such as Emirates (EK), Qatar Airways (QR) or Singapore Airlines (SQ).

    Which month to book?

    • January 2023: is one of the cheapest months to fly.
    • February 2023: enjoy a spring break vacation.
    • March 2023: package tour with transfer, hotel and flight.
    • April 2023: a great time to discover culture during your city trip in Seoul.
    • May 2023: view all inclusive resorts including flight.
    • June 2023: just before the high season, favorable deals with flight and hotel.
    • July 2023: the summer holidays are perfect for a wonderful holiday.
    • August 2023: many choice of cheap flight holiday packages.
    • September 2023: the ideal time for a last-minute flight.
    • October 2023: during the autumn holidays the number of flights is often increased.
    • November: 2022: a flighttrip is a nice way to spend a winter holiday.
    • December: 2022: fly to the winter sun during the Christmas Holidays with your favorite airline.

    Top-10 South Korean airlines

    1. SriLankan Airlines (UL): a generous flight with first-class tickets.
    2. Thai Airways (TG): excellent business class flights for business travelers.
    3. Korean Air: from luxury to economy class for every budget.
    4. Emirates (EK): a meal may also be served on board.
    5. Qatar Airways (QR): ask about the possibilities of entertainment on board.
    6. Singapore Airlines (SQ): there is enough space for hand luggage.
    7. Malaysia Airlines (MH): make sure that your checked hold baggage is not too heavy.
    8. Etihad Airways (EY): easily get your boarding pass on your phone via online check-in.
    9. China Southern Airlines (CZ): the pleasant flight attendants provide service on board.
    10. KLM (KL): extra cheap flying with children and babies.

    Featured airport: Incheon International Airport

    A modern airfield at this destination is Incheon International Airport. According to our database it is a large airport (located at 7 meters above sea level) which is located in Seoul. Here you have an excellent connection with many major airlines. On your navigation you can search for: FF92+J9 Jung-gu, Incheon, South Korea. More info? The official website is http://www.airport.kror call with +82 1577-2600. Well-known airlines here are Malaysia Airlines (MH), Etihad Airways (EY), China Southern Airlines (CZ) and KLM (KL). The national airline is Korean Air.

    Practical departure airports in February 2024

    • Incheon International Airport: the most popular departure airport in the country.
    • St Paul International Airport (MSP): a busy airport with plenty of parking spaces.
    • Orlando International Airport (MCO): excellent access and extensive options for valet parking.
    • Nanjing Lukou International Airport (NKG): after you have gone through security and customs you can relax.
    • Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ): the boarding times are stated on the screen in the gates / departure hall.
    • Kempegowda International Airport (BLR): the arrival hall / terminal ensures smooth handling.
    • Dublin Airport (DUB): easily continue your journey by public transport, train, bus.
    • Cancún International Airport (CUN): via the site you can view arrival and departure times 24/7.
    • Hamad International Airport (DOH): you can rest or do some work in the Relax Lounge.
    • Jeju International Airport (CJU): many nice shops for tax-free shopping.
    • Don Mueang International Airport (DMK): this international airport handles hundreds of flights every day.
    • Manchester Airport (MAN): there is a sufficient supply of hotel rooms available near the airport.
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    Busan is also known as Pusan is the second-largest city in South Korea, the city is situated 340 km southeast of Seoul and is a major port city, Busan is well known around the planet as it was host city of the 2002 Asian Games and 2002 FIFA World Cup. For visitors Busan has attractions such as temples, parks, markets, museums, casinos, spas and more.

    • Beomeo-sa Temple: Beomeo-sa Temple is Buddhist temple which is one of Korea’s Great 5 Temples, it is a big temple on the slopes of Mountain Geumjeongsan, the temple complex has many a buildings. The temple was founded in 678 by monk Uisang but after that the buildings have been destroyed and rebuilt many times.


    Gyeongju also known as Kyongju lies on the coast of the East Sea in South Korea, Gyeongju is a popular destination for tourists as the place contains examples of Korean Buddhist art, sculptures, pagodas, temples and palaces; the city is also a National Heritage and UNESCO World Heritage site. For visitors there are attractions such as tombs, fortress walls, ruins and museums within a few minutes of each other.

    • The Tomb Park: The tomb park is burial place of kings and queens and is probably worth a stroll, the place consists of 20 tombs with earthen and mound-shapes in varying sizes and dimensions.


    A unique experience of a traditional South Korean air in a very progressive ambiance is a visit to Seoul city. Korea flaunts this capital city proudly as a hub of trade and educational opportunities. Seoul is a beautiful city for tourists, it offers a range of fascinating activities like rock climbing, visiting history through museums and different ancient palaces, Theater experiences, watching sports events or just as simple as eating different delicious cuisines from the world. With surrounded mountains and one in the center of the city, Seoul offers a chance to go hiking on the rock faces. Not only this city has attractions by day but also has many peppy night clubs to visit and relax. Located on the banks of Han River, Seoul is South Korea’s largest city and is also one of the largest as well as densely populated major cities in the world. Though this city is dynamic with it’s round the clock business connections to the world it offers a very calming experience due to its traditional culture and conventional values. Seoul as seen can offer a variety of enjoyment whether you are with your friends or family or just roaming alone. Whether you an art lover or sports fan Seoul has a range of activities lined up for you. Welcoming you warmly and embracing you in its affectionate traditional flavor yet giving you a freedom to follow your individuality – that is Seoul.

    • N Seoul Tower: N Seoul Tower is located at the Peak of Namsan Mountain from where you get a lovely view of the city of Seoul and also enjoy the scenic view of the changing seasons at Namsan. You will have to travel through the cable car to reach the mountain peak and walk to the tower. The tower was opened to public in 1980, though it was built in 1969 as a satellite tower for television and radio broadcast. The lighting show at the tower is very impressive. The N Seoul Tower also has a revolving restaurant as an observation deck along with other three observation decks to relax and enjoy the view.
    • National Theater of Korea: National Theater of Korea is the first national theater in Asia. Opened in 1950 The National Theater of Korea represents four associate performance company groups: The National Drama Company, The National Dance Company, The National Changgeuk Company, and The National Orchestra Company. This theater is known for its traditional Korean performances and its long history of functioning. The theater has four performance theaters. The main theater, Haeoreum, has a seating capacity of 1,500 people. The Byoloreum Theater is one of its kinds with movable stage and seating suitable to each show performed there. Deloreum, the smaller performance hall, is of a capacity of 450 people. Above the main hall there is a history exhibit area where you can see various costumes and performance accessories displayed. This will tell you a lot about the history of Korean art performances. You will find many convenience stores in the theater area. This theater also hosts a traditional Korean palace cuisine restaurant along with a fusion food restaurant.
    • Seoul Museum of Art: The structure where the museum is located was built in 1927 and was the Supreme Court building between 1948 and 1995. Later the building was redesigned into a contemporary art museum. The museum has a main exhibition hall, sculpture exhibition hall and some special exhibition areas. Apart from these exhibit areas it also has certain other area which makes it a total of 6 exhibition areas. This museum hosts certain special art exhibitions round the year and also boasts of displaying original work by some great artists. You will also find a special exhibit area for Korea’s modern art display. Cheon Kyung-Ja, a great Korean artist donated her 93 paintings to this museum and they are all displayed in hall named after the artist.
    • Art Sonje Center: Art Sonje Center is a major point in the city of Seoul. Built in 1998 it is located opposite Gyeongbokgung Palace. This center of art hosts a lot of art exhibitions, performances of dance and music shows, movies as well as plays. The Hanokgwan hall is done in a traditional Korean way presented in modernized style architecture. The Center swanks to have a range of events like reviews of movies on the artists’ lives as well as international concerts. The center also has projects to display the works of upcoming talents to discover newer artists continuously.
    • Chongdong Theater: Located at the center of Seoul, Chongdong Theater is an affiliated organization under the ministry of culture and tourism. It is a major space for the presentation of traditional Korean art performances as well as modern art displays. The traditional art is displayed on every Thursday and Friday. These shows provide a unique opportunity for the audience to participate after the shows in different type of art games. This theater also has different training sessions about Korean culture and society in the art form. The theater gets its name from the beautiful area (Chong-dong) in Seoul where it’s located. This theater is a procreation of Wongkasa Theater which was the first theater reserved for the traditional Korean performances. The theater is known to have these performances daily since 1997.
    • Mokdong Sports Stadium: The stadium is situated in Western Seoul which was initially a baseball field. Established in 1987, it has a main stadium and a few indoor sports areas. This stadium also consists of a special shooting range, gym and a park. The Mokdong stadium boasts to have hosted some major ice-skating tournaments, as well as ice ballets in the indoor Ice Rink it holds. The parking space for the stadium is very large with 2000 cars capacity.
    • Jamsil Sports Complex: Jamsil sports complex is located 13 kilometers downtown from Seoul city. The area of the complex is nearly 400,000 square-meters. The sports complex has the Olympic Stadium, a baseball stadium, golf range, one indoor gym, two indoor swimming pools. Apart from these sports areas, the complex also holds a public park which is used for wedding ceremonies as well as other social and cultural events like Elton John’s concert was housed here. The stadium hosts an Olympic Exhibition hall and has facilities of training sports students. The Olympic Stadium hosted the Opening and Closing Ceremony of the 10th Asian Games in 1986 and 24th Seoul Olympic Games.
    • Seoul Forest: Along with the range of sprawling sport complexes and arts centers Seoul also offers you to relax in the company of nature. In East Seoul, not too far from the city life, you get a chance to visit Seoul Forest. Opened in 2005, this is South Koreas Central Park and National Park. Amidst the long high ways and high raising city we find this green park with 400,000 trees and about a 100 animal species. This green escape is an ideal place to relax any time of the year. In fact, every season will add to its beauty and glory with its special feature. Enjoy your nature experience tour or watch the wild animals roaming fearlessly in the ecological park. Have with water in the ponds or fountains and lakes. Or just cool off under the trees and have a picnic.

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