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Searching for cheap return or one-way flights to British Virgin Islands? With our flight comparator you can get the cheapest return flights to this amazing place. Choose your departure airport, the final destination, the date of outward and return flight and the number of adults and children. Then press the search button. We now show the best ticket deals for flights to British Virgin Islands from the best carriers like TUI Fly (OR), Delta Air Lines (DL) & Air Europa (UX). Searching and buying airline tickets online is cheap, secure and and easy.

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The British Virgin Islands are a group of about 60 Caribbean islands many of which are uninhabited and many with white sand beaches, turquoise waters and ample sunshine, British Virgin Islands are really blessed with natural beauty, there are also many an outdoor activities one can indulge in once in the British Virgin Islands like fishing, sailing, diving and more, Road Town is the capital British Virgin Islands other important islands being Tortola and Virgin Gorda. Arrange the cheapest flights to British Virgin Islands easily via the internet. Attached we give suggestions for the leading booking sites.

Country Information

British Virgin Islands is a country in the continent of Central America. Here you pay with the United States Dollar (USD). The language here is English. In terms of climate, it is a Tropical monsoon and trade-wind littoral climate. The average temperature here is 28 degrees Celsius (℃). The best travel period is January to March. The universal socket type is A / B (110 V, 60 Hz). The largest airport in the country is Tortola in Road Town (IATA code: EIS). A national British Virgin Island air company is American Airlines. The normal price level is: expensive. An average hotel stay costs approx. €351 p/night. Also check out cheap flights to Cape Verde & Slovenia.

CountryBritish Virgin Islands (VG)
ContinentNorth America
Flight typeIntercontinental flight
National AirportTerrance B. Lettsome International Airport (EIS)
CityRoad Town
Phone+1 284-852-9000
Popular AirlineAmerican Airlines

Popular destinations in this country:

  • Virgin Gorda
  • Beef Island
  • Road Town

  • Last minute flights July 2024: attractive flight ticket offers

    Do you want to reserve a fast and cheap flight to British Virgin Islands? That is not very complex. We have a few tips: travel with a low-fare airline, take advantage of the early bird discount, use a price alert for last minutes and remain flexible. By means of a holiday comparator like you are assured for the cheapest flights to British Virgin Islands. E.g. of airlines as e.g. Air Canada (AC), KLM (KL) & Iberia (IB).

    Compare months to book

    • January 2023: with many airlines the cheapest month to fly.
    • February 2023: experience this country during spring break.
    • March 2023: excellent booking conditions within a package holiday.
    • April 2023: a city trip in the city of Road Town.
    • May 2023: view all inclusive resorts including flight.
    • June 2023: a flight and hotel deal provides clarity about the total price.
    • July 2023: during the summer holidays it can be busy at the airport.
    • August 2023: a favorable period for booking cheap flight holiday packages.
    • September 2023: just after the summer you can enjoy a last-minute flight for a while.
    • October 2023: a perfect period for a beautiful autumn holiday!
    • November: 2022: a flighttrip is a nice way to spend a winter holiday.
    • December: 2022: wonderful winter sun packages during the Christmas holidays.

    The best British Virgin Island airlines

    1. TUI Fly (OR): enjoy extra luxury in first-class.
    2. Delta Air Lines (DL): choose Business class if you are on a business trip.
    3. Air Europa (UX): economy class (tourist class) has favorable prices.
    4. Air Canada (AC): great choice for meals and drinks
    5. KLM (KL): inflight entertainment is available in various devices.
    6. Iberia (IB): hand luggage and a personal item are allowed on board.
    7. United Airlines (UA): you can book extra checked hold baggage during your reservation.
    8. Lufthansa (LH): receive (after online check-in) boarding pass on your phone.
    9. Aeromexico (AM): flight attendants give safety briefings and help you with baggage.
    10. Air France (AF): attractive discount for travelers with children or babies.

    Featured airport: Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport

    An excellent airfield in this destination is Tortola. This is a medium-sized airport (on 5 meters above the sea level) , in the city Road Town. Here you have connections with many international airlines. The address for navigation is: 77CQCFV4+WR. Do you want to know the departure times? Click through to Phone support is available via +1 284-852-9000. For example, you can fly with United Airlines (UA), Lufthansa (LH), Aeromexico (AM) and Air France (AF). British Virgin Islands does not have a national carrier.

    Ideal departure airports in July 2024

    • Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport: large hub with many connecting flights.
    • Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL): always a parking space at the terminal.
    • John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK): a host will immediately put your car away with valet parking.
    • Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport (XMN): smooth and fast security and customs.
    • São Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport (GRU): the signs in the gates / departure hall are very user-friendly.
    • Düsseldorf International Airport (DUS): after landing you will enter a spacious arrival hall / terminal.
    • Narita International Airport (NRT): an excellent connection with public transport and the train.
    • Mexico City International Airport (MEX): reliable airport with accurate arrival and departure times.
    • Sheremetyevo International Airport (SVO): relax in the specials lounge (premium & business).
    • Barcelona–El Prat Airport (BCN): before departure you can shop in the tax-free shopping (duty-free) stores.
    • Sabiha Gökçen International Airport (SAW): very user-friendly airport with all amenities.
    • Gatwick Airport (LGW): the current range of hotels around the airport is large.
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    What to see and what to do in the Virgin Islands?

    US Virgin Island is well known for its pristine beaches, hot weather and brilliant waters, once on the islands one can indulge in activities such as shopping, camping, kayaking, hiking, tours, diving, sailing, forests, art, nightclubs and fine dining. Nearly two million visitors come to the island each year. This is a place of relaxation with a lot of resorts, cruises and charters, a great holiday getaway the Virgin Island are truly a quality destination.

    St Thomas
    St Thomas is a beautiful island which has many forested ridges and an amazing view of the turquoise waters, there are also beautiful beaches for visitors. The island has many activities to take part in such as snorkelling and other water sports.

    National Park St John
    The Virgin Islands National Park on St John has lots and lots of untouched and unexplored natural beauty, one can also horseback ride through the islands forest, this park is a leisure park, yet a touch of extreme activities.

    Estate Whim Plantation
    Estate Whim Plantation is from the ancient times i.e. is very old but now it has been restored. The 3 foot thick walls built of stone and coral surround the main house, there is also a museum and a gift shop filled with the plantation house antiques.

    Road Town
    Road Town is the capital of the British Virgin Islands, it is located on the island of Tortola, the place has a busy island life also the main port for visiting cruise ships is here, in Road Town one can go bareboating (self-hire yacht chartering) in the Caribbean, for visitors there are attractions like, the old HM Prison on Main Street, it is the oldest building in Road Town which dates from the 1840s.

    Tortola is the largest island of the British Virgin Islands; it is the island which contains the capital city Road Town. Tortola has many a gorgeous beaches, a laid back and peaceful atmosphere. Tortola meaning ‘land of turtle doves’ is within a 45-minute ferry ride from St Thomas.

    Bays & Beaches of Tortola
    Tortola is famous for it’s beaches, especially it’s spectacular white-sand beaches, which are great for swimming and surfing, some of the best ones are namely Long Bay, Beef Island, Lambert Bay, Josiah’s Bay, Brewer’s Bay, Cane Garden Bay, Apple Bay and Brandywine Bay.

    Virgin Gorda
    Virgin Gorda is the third-largest Island in British Virgin Islands (BVI), the main town is located on the southwestern part of the island and is a Spanish Town. Christopher Columbus is said to have named the island ‘The Fat Virgin’. Virgin Gorda has a relaxing laid back atmosphere and visitors can enjoy both gorgeous beaches and sightseeing activities like The Copper Mine and caves, also visitors can indulge in outdoor activities such as fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving and more.

    The Baths in Virgin Gorda
    The Baths are one of BVI’s major tourist destinations; they are located on the southern end of the island. On the beach lie huge granite boulders in piles which confirm island’s volcanic origins.

    Charlotte Amalie
    Charlotte Amalie is the capital and largest city of the U.S. Virgin Islands, the city is named after Charlotte Amalie of Hesse-Cassel and is located on the island of Saint Thomas, Charlotte Amalie is a harbor city and is destination for many cruise ships, because of its deep water harbor, Charlotte Amalie also has many buildings of historical importance and other sightseeing opportunities.

    Paradise Point
    Paradise Point is s Skyride that offers an excellent view of the island, the ride takes about 5 minutes each way.

    Coki Bay
    Coki Bay is a bay in St. Thomas County, Virgin Islands, Coki Bay is a gorgeous spot, Coki Bay is located on the northeastern coast of St Thomas, the sandy beaches, the water are sparkling and thus it is a great destination for snorkeling.

    Coral World
    Coral World is a huge aquarium, here one can enjoy the company of sharks, eels, stingrays and other majestic fishes.

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