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The Pyramids are the first thing that comes in any persons mind when one thinks about Egypt but Egypt has lots more on offer other than the usual and magnificent Pyramids, ancient temples and antiquities. The unique culture, the history, the heritage, the Sphinx, the Nile all are there not much has changed, other than these Egypt also offers nature and desert treks, scuba diving, golf, fishing and bird watching opportunities, one can also go for a cruise on a luxury boat on the Egyptian Nile, Cairo is the capital city of Egypt other major destinations being Aswan and Marsa Alam, the best time to visit Egypt is from October to May, there has been terrorists attacks in Egypt in the past and some places should be avoided because of threat from Islamic fundamentalists. Here you will find tips for booking the cheapest flights to Egypt easily via het internet. Attached you can compare the most chosen international brokers.

Attractions in Egypt

Egypt is one of the most mystic destinations on the planet, not many destinations can match up to the variety and quality of attraction which Egypt has on offer and hence for over the years Egypt has been a hot favorite amongst travelers especially the ones who love experiencing destinations with unique history and culture. Egypt has attractions which give glimpses of it’s glorious past both historically and culturally, the major ones being:

  • The Pyramids at Giza: The Pyramids at Giza is also known as The Pyramid of Khufu, it is one of the most if not the most important tourist attraction in Egypt and a natural must visit attraction, it is said to be the tallest building till 19th century. Here once you a arrive via bus from Cairo you have a choice to taking a walk through desert for several hundred meters or completing the journey on a horse or camel back, the journey of the ride to Pyramids is fun in itself. Another attraction not to be missed is the Sphynx, which has been carved out of the rocks. To top it all there is a light and sound show in the night accompanied by laser dance on the Pyramid. Shows are held in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Arabic with Sphynx playing the role of storyteller.
  • Kings Tuts Mask: Found on king’s mummified body, this Mask made of gold and inlaid with diamonds and glass is a masterpiece. Cobra and Vulture which sits atop the mask are a symbol of his supremacy over the Lower and Upper Egypt. Few moments in front of it will give you soothing effect such is it’s aura.
  • Abu Simbel: Abu Simbel in southern Egypt is where two massive rock temples are located, when Lake Nasser threatened to submerge the two historic temples of Abu Simbel due to construction of a high dam, Egyptian Government with the worldwide help moved these two temples 60 meter above the cliff in 1964 through 1968, which was a historical event.
  • Valley of the Kings: The west bank at Luxor, also known as valley of kings, is another architectural wonder in Egypt. It is much more than what we refer to as the Valley of the Kings. There are many tombs to visit here and there is an entry fee for the same. Not all tombs are open to public, about 18 are open for public but restoration work is always done on rotation basis, not to be missed are these three tombs: Ramses I, Tuthmosis III and Ramses VI.
  • Luxor Temple: On the east bank of river Niles lies the splendid piece of architecture i.e. Luxor Temple, it was built in the remembrance of God Amun-Re, his wife Mut and their son Khonsu.
  • A Felucca sailing on the Nile: It is a known fact that Egypt and the life of its people has been shaped by the path Nile has taken. So a ride in felucca through Nile is a must and once in a lifetime experience. Sailing at night and sleeping under the stars listening to distant drums, sailing past villages, watching sunset across the Nile and waking up to the call of muezzin for prayer is an experience worth taking.
  • Karnak Temple: Think of an Ancient Temple in the night fully illuminated and set against the background of a Lake, that is the Karnak Temple for you. One will feel to be in a different age while the exploring the history of Karnak temple.
  • Red Sea: Red Sea can provide travelers with some of the best diving experiences in Egypt. Hurghada, Dahab and Sharm el Sheikh are the best diving points here; also these places have Scuba Diving Training School for convenience of amateur divers.
  • A Nile Dinner Cruise (in Cairo): With beautifully lit skyline as the backdrop a cruise on Nile is an experience worth having. Having dinner with your partner as the ship goes through in dark waters is an enjoyable experience.
  • Riding a Camel: A trip to Egypt will probably remain incomplete without a camel ride. This can be done at many places. A camel ride can be taken to The Pyramids of Giza, to the river side while on a Nile River cruise and many other places as well, one will surely enjoy the experience.

Practical information

Egypt is a country in Africa. The national currency is the Egyptian pound (EGP). You can make yourself understood in Arabic. The country has a pleasant Hot deserts climate. The average temperature (12 months) is 26 degrees centigrade. A popular travel period is spring and autumn. The power plugs and sockets are of type C / F (220 V, 50 Hz). One of the most famous airports is Cairo Airport in Cairo (IATA code: CAI). An important Egyptian air passenger carrier is Egyptair. The national price level is: very cheap. An overnight stay in a hotel costs about €62 for 2 persons. Also check tips and tricks for cheap flights to Honduras & Chile.

CountryEgypt (EG)
Flight typeIntercontinental flight
Famous airportCairo International Airport (CAI)
Phone+20 2 22655000
Largest AirlineEgyptair

Overview with destinations in the country:

  • Faiyûm
  • Sohag
  • Damanhûr
  • Port Said
  • Assioet
  • Imbaba
  • Alexandria
  • Giza
  • Cairo
  • Menia
  • Al Orizah
  • Abu Simbel
  • Sharm-el-Sheikh
  • Mersa Matruh
  • Shebin-El-Kom

  • Last-minute tickets May 2024: interesting flight ticket offers

    Do you want to reserve a favorable flight to Egypt? That doesn’t have to be difficult. We are happy to give you some tips: choose a no-frills airline, inquire about available early bird discount, search directly at the airlines for the best lastminutes and remain flexible. Using a holiday comparator like Airstop you can reserve the cheapest flights to Egypt. As with airlines like e.g. Kenya Airways (KQ), Swiss (LX) or Delta Air Lines (DL).

    A good departure month

    • January 2023: often the cheapest month to fly.
    • February 2023: an excellent idea for spring break.
    • March 2023: a favorable package holiday with transport and accommodation.
    • April 2023: a wonderful city trip in Cairo.
    • May 2023: view all inclusive resorts including flight.
    • June 2023: attractive deals with flight and hotel for great prices.
    • July 2023: during the summer holidays it can be busy at the airport.
    • August 2023: a busy month with many cheap flight holiday packages.
    • September 2023: a last-minute flight can provide extra benefits.
    • October 2023: a pleasant autumn holiday with your family.
    • November: 2022: go away for 1 or 2 weeks during the winter holidays.
    • December: 2022: discover the winter sun during the Christmas holidays.

    Popular Egyptian airline companies

    1. Emirates (EK): a generous flight with first-class tickets.
    2. Transavia (HV): excellent options for business flights and business class.
    3. Egyptair: in economy class the seats are close together.
    4. Kenya Airways (KQ): great choice for meals and drinks
    5. Swiss (LX): ask about the possibilities of entertainment on board.
    6. Delta Air Lines (DL): you can take enough hand luggage and accessories with you.
    7. Ethiopian Airlines (ET): view the rules for checked hold baggage on the website of the airline.
    8. United Airlines (UA): a mobile boarding pass after online check-in.
    9. British Airways (BA): flight attendants point you to your seat and help with luggage.
    10. KLM (KL): attractive discount for travelers with children or babies.

    Featured airport: Cairo International Airport

    A well-known airfield nearby is Cairo Airport. This is a large airport (located on 116 meters above sea level) that lies in Cairo. Many well-known airlines have a connection to this hub. You can navigate to: 4CC4+JFR, Sheraton Al Matar, El Nozha, Cairo Governorate 4475001, Egypt. Do you want to know the departure times? Click through to Of course you can also call +20 2 22655000. For questions about your flight, consult the website of airlines such as Ethiopian Airlines (ET), United Airlines (UA), British Airways (BA) or KLM (KL). The national airline is Egyptair.

    Compare departure airports in May 2024

    • Cairo International Airport: the country’s main hub.
    • Philadelphia International Airport (PHL): always a parking space at the terminal.
    • Denver International Airport (DEN): by valet parking you drive home quickly after your return.
    • Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG): smooth and fast security and customs.
    • Melbourne Airport (MEL): the signs in the gates / departure hall are very user-friendly.
    • Düsseldorf International Airport (DUS): shortly after landing, your luggage will be ready in the arrivals hall / terminal.
    • Fukuoka Airport (FUK): by public transport you can have a transfer to the airport.
    • Cancún International Airport (CUN): decent airport with precise arrival and departure times.
    • Sheremetyevo International Airport (SVO): a pleasant relax lounge environment for business travelers.
    • Barcelona–El Prat Airport (BCN): pop into the shops for tax-free shopping (duty-free).
    • Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK): excellent amenities for business and private travellers.
    • London Stansted Airport (STN): you can reserve at several hotels near airport for a rested trip.
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    What to see and to do in Egypt?


    • Cairo also known as The Mother of the World is a totally unpredictable city. It is the capital city of Egypt in Africa. Cairo is not just pyramids and monuments, it is also has hot night spots, five star restaurants, luxury hotels, romantic cruises and scuba diving. The best time to visit Cairo is during the non –summer months which stretch from September to late April or early May.
    • Built over 4000 years ago, the Pyramids of Giza is the sole survivor of the Seven Wonders of the World. The Pyramid stands so majestically in the never ending sands that one wonders why and how it was built. The shape and geometry of the Pyramid is extraordinary. The Pyramid was build be a massive army of farmers when the Nile flooded and no work could be done in the fields. The Pyramid was built as the pharaoh’s tomb.
    • Sprawling ver the eastern edge of the city is the Citadel. The Citadel includes three mosques, many palaces which now houses various mediocre museums and open terraces which give a breathtaking view of the city. Built in limestone, The Citadel is one of the most popular tourist attractions.
    • The Egyptian Museum offer such a lot to see that it is quite impossible to see it all in one visit, moreover the museum is packed with tourists at all times. The Treasure of the young New Kingdom pharaoh Tutankhamun including the sold gold death mask id the most astonishing and attention grabbing of all the display. The Amarna Room, the Royal Mummy Room etc are some of the other attractions.
    • The symbol of Sphinx has depicted the essence of Egypt for thousands of years. It is the earliest known monumental sculpture built by early Egyptians in the 3rd millennium B.C. The Sphinx is a large half-man, half- lion magnificent sculpture. The Sphinx is on the west bank of The River Nile and very close to modern day Cairo.
    • The Hanging Church is the most important Coptic Christian church in Cairo, probably the first built in Basilican style. The church gets its name from its location atop the southern tower gate of the Babylon fortress. The church is dedicated to Virgin Mary and St. Dimiana. The church takes the shape of a basilica and has a wooden roof in the shape of Noah’s Ark.
    • The Al-Azhar Mosque or the most blooming mosque is located at the El-Hussain Square. The mosque was establishes shortly after the founding of Cairo itself. The mosque has five exquisite minarets with small balconies and artistically carved columns. The mosque has six entrances, the main entrance leads to the courtyard and then to the library and the mihrab. The prayer hall is larger than the courtyard and has several rows of columns.


    • Aswan is located in the south of Egypt, some 680 km south of Cairo, it is one of the major travels of Egypt as it is far more relaxed and smaller as compared to other destinations like Cairo, Aswan was known as Nubia or Syene in ancient times, Aswan is one of the driest inhabited places in the world
    • Elephantine Island is the most ancient and timeless and largest of the Aswan area islands, the island contains artifacts dating to predynastic periods.

    Marsa Alam

    • Marsa Alam is increasingly getting popular as a beach and dive holiday resort, not long ago it was a small fishing village, Marsa Alam has the appearance of a tropical paradise with its palm trees, mangroves and sea coasts fringed with barrier coral reefs, Marsa Alam is situated near the Tropic of Cancer on the western coast of the Red Sea.
    • Marsa Alam is famous for it’s beautiful sandy beaches, warm turquoise waters and for it’s numerous and unspoilt diving sites where one can go diving and spot dolphins, dugongs and hammerhead sharks.

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