Top 5 Places to Visit In Los Angeles

Los Angeles (LA), one of the most glamorous and colorful city of the globe. It has so many places to see around that most of the time tourists are failed to be able to visit all of them. They are always left tempted to either visit LA again or extend their tour. This is truly because Los Angeles is highly rich with must-visit places. This article will give you a brief idea about top five places of LA that you must visit. If any of it left back when you visit LA, then you should consider that your visit as incomplete one.

1. Hollywood

First and foremost Hollywood should be your first station to visit because without going to Hollywood, your visit will be charm-less at all. You can have different activities at this place like take your picture with the famous white giant logo of Hollywood which is stretched over the hills. After that you can go directly to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. You have to look down on the floor to look for the names of your favorite actor or actress. These names are written in gold letters on sidewalk as immortals. Chinese Theater never thought of missing it out. It is famous around the globe for the hands and footprints of popular stars who left their mark in the cement. You can also find tips about finding cheap flights to the USA.

2. Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive, it should be your second stop. It is the famous shopping arena of the Los Angeles. It might be possible that you would not be able to afford too much there but still it is very good feeling to be there at least. You will not found yourself to be alone there, if you are only doing window shopping. The best time to visit Rodeo Drive is evening near Christmas. At that time, the stores are at their best and streets are decorated with lights and flowers. Don’t ever try to keep Rodeo Drive to visit on Sundays because most of the shops are closed on Sundays that will disappoint you a lot afterwards.

3. Disneyland

Disneyland, it is one of the mostly visited theme parks around the world. It has many good reasons to be considered as the best destination for fun. You can ride roller-coaster to get the experience of 19th Century of America. There are many different Disney characters with whom you would be able to get amused of. You have the opportunity to take pictures in each and every part of Disneyland because it is full of your memories, if you have ever seen any Disney Productions. Disneyland is a perfect destination for family because it will bring cherish to whole of your family.

4. Local Cuisines

Local cuisines, this is considered as one of the integral part of vacations. In this regard, you will not find Los Angeles any different from others. It has many different food centers that are rich with famous local cuisines. One of them is Philippe The Original, this restaurant has been established in 1908. French Dip Sandwich is considered as the specialty of Philippe The Original. Other cities with great US restaurants are New York, Chicago and Houston.

5. Theaters

Last but not the least, Theaters as everybody knows that LA is considered as the world center for theatrical productions. You should not miss this chance and grab the opportunity with both hands. Just get tickets for box office theater which are available in LA. Theater offer wide range of shows like musical, play, comedy, improve shows and puppeteer shows. Theater always comes as a very different experience to oneself, it puts life into a story. You should always expect of unexpected things to be happened while watching these shows. These shows have such an absorbing properties that you will be involved into it so much that you would even forget about your surroundings.

Summary: Los Angeles gives you the opportunity to experience as many things as you can whether it is about Hollywood, famous park themes, best shopping destination, best local cuisines or live theatrical performances. Anyhow, I guarantee that if you don’t miss at least these above five places of Los Angeles, your visit would always be a memorable one for you.

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