Top 10 Things to do on a Trip to France

1. Go on adventure!

So you have never participated in an adventure sport earlier. You have been contemplating the decision to do something adventurous and crazy for too long now. What better place to break the streak than France itself ? With places like Gorge du verdon and Chamonix offering extreme adventure sport variants like ice climbing, kayaking and rafting, take a walk on the wild side by taking part in an adventure sport while holidaying in France. Go rock climbing, white-water rafting and canyoning in the Alps, trek amongst the magnificent peaks of Mont Blanc, canoe down the Ardeche river or cycle through the vineyards of Burgundy and Cognac, France never disappoints true adventure seekers.

2. Hold the Drink

Did you know that champagne is named after the Champagne region of France, the place where it was originally produced. The term is now applied as a generic term for sparkling wine, but many countries still reserve the term exclusively for wines that come from Champagne in France. Satiate your desire for good champagne on a trip to France. Places like champagne barnaut, champagne charlier and champagne Milan are bound to leave you with a lifelong experience with the fizz. Most of these places use their own personal unique methods to grow and process their own champagne and the uniqueness of the techniques and the taste amalgamate together to create sheer magic. Raise a toast to France while touring the place. You can fly to airports in Paris, Marseille and Lyon to start your trip.

3. Stay at Domaine des Hauts de Loire, Onzain

Located in the scenic Loire Valley in Central France, this towering property is set amidst gorgeous vineyards, fruit orchards and asparagus fields. This hotel is perfect for a surreal experience of the French landscape. Make this your choice of stay on your French tour and witness the wealth of its exceptional heritage. A dream location for wine connoisseurs, you can indulge in wine tasting, walks and enjoy the beauty of its lakes. The place promises luxurious rooms and modern facilities for its guests and cannot be missed on a trip to France.

4. Take a trip to Chocoland

Cited as the birthplace of French chocolate, the port of Bayonne has been a forerunner in producing authentic, delicious French chocolate. Located in the south-west corner of France, the secret of chocolate-making first came to France, brought by Sephardic Jews driven from Spain and Portugal. The port comprises of places like Cazenave, a place that has been using the same machinery since 1850 to produce chocolate, daranatz and paries ; all epicenters of authentic French chocolate. The air of Bayonne is heavy with the scent of cinnamon, vanilla and roasting cacao. These magical ingredients are combined in unique proportions to make hot, homemade, frothy chocolate which is still served the way it was in the seventeenth century. France’s fame as master chocolatiers is reaffirmed and celebrated every year on Chocolate’s Day at Baygonne. Take part in this delicious festival on your next trip to France.

5. Get a Peek Into History Inside Ancient caves

Are you a self proclaimed history junkie? How far will you go to uncover secrets left behind by our prehistoric ascendants? Lets say miles deep into the earth with only a flickering torch guiding your way. Go back in time on your next trip to France as you peek into exquisite cave art in France. The most famous of all caves, the Lascaux caves, offer exquisite samples of authentic cave art specimens. Similar sites include the Grotte de font de gaume, Abri de cap blanc and the Abri du poisson ; all comprising of engravings from the ancient ages of deer and fishes and other exquisite paintings. The walls come alive with artistically rendered images of mammoths, bison, horses, mammoths and many more. They are no crude scratches on the wall but amazing subtle art pieces by skilled and talented prehistoric painters. You’ll be overwhelmed by the contemporariness of the artwork.

6. Marvel At the Architectural Brilliance

France has been at the forefront of architectural innovation from time immemorial. The Eiffel Tower is of course considered the iconic symbol of French architectural brilliance but this country is full of many other less famous but equally spectacular architectural constructions that are simply unmissable on a trip to France. The church of Notre Dame, the Cathedral in Amiens, Mont-St-Michel are some of world’s most breathtaking Catholic cathedrals. Marvel at the architectural expertise of France on this holiday as you look at the various chateaus incorporating several authentic renaissance architecture buildings and cathedrals. Gape in awe as you look at the palace of Versailles or move in one of the 440 chambers of the chateau de Chambord.

7. Enjoy a romantic night out in Paris with the Siene River Cruise

Treat yourself on a trip to France with an unforgettable night of sightseeing as you lazily drift down the Siene River. At 485 miles, the Siene runs northwest from Burgundy, passes through Paris and eventually joins the English Channel at Le Havre. All your conceptions of the oh-so-beautifully-romantic Paris will come true as you watch architectural marvels like the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame Cathdral along with 37 breathtaking bridges on this river cruise. Sip on champagne, enjoy a romantic dinner, or just sit back and revel in the fresh air while enjoying splendid views of Paris. Here you can find cheap tickets to France.

8. Escape to the Countryside in Provence

The land of magical light and fragrant lavender fields, numerous tourists regularly visit one of world’s most evocative regions- Provence .It guarantees to blow your mind away with its contrasting landscapes- mountains, deep gorges, caves, broad plains, the sea with its beaches and cliffs, beautiful forests, the Garrigue and desert like expanses, as well as a rich diversity of flora and fauna. Offering everything from amazing art museums to fabulous beaches, exciting night life and a distinctive cuisine, Provence is an enchanting place with a relaxed atmosphere where sitting at a cafe, sipping local wine and watching people play a game of boules under shady trees while enjoying cuisine provencale (a Mediterranean mix of bold flavours of garlic, clove, thyme and basil) is just the way of life. If the aim of your trip to France is to luxuriate in life along the sunny Mediterranean, Provence will offer you a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

9. Visit the Eiffel Tower

Taj Mahal = India, The Great Wall of China = China, the Eiffel tower = France. Lets face it, few monuments have had such a strong cultural significance as the Eiffel tower. Gustave Eiffel is credited for designing the original Eiffel Tower, which was built in less than two years as the centerpiece of the 1889 World’s Fair. Local Parisians initially despised the construction for spoiling the elegant beauty of Paris. Today, however, Eiffel Tower has become the universal currency for a geographically simple way to denote Paris. Thanks to innumerable movies, films and music videos where every single scene has to include the tower in the background as a cue to the audience, the Eiffel tower is a mark of French architectural and cultural brilliance. 3 floors are opened to tourists, with the first two floors dotted with restaurants offering a birds eye view of the picturesque Paris.
It would be a sin to miss it on a trip to France.

10. Test your Bargaining Skills at the Flea Market

So you think you are the smartest shopper out there. Test your bargaining skills in the local flea market in Paris, Lille and northern Corsica selling some exquisite items and local souvenirs. From vintage clothing to antiquarian books and collectible cameras, you can have it all on this holiday to France at the cheapest rates possible. Rummagers will rejoice at the annual “Braderie de Lille”, Europe’s biggest flea market, in the northern French city of Lille held every first weekend of September. Take part in the two days of shopping madness that draws over a million visitors to Lille. Don’t forget to take a break and enjoy a traditional bowl of mussels and chips (“moules-frites”) along with a glass of local beer.

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