Tourist Guide Morocco: Tips for Sightseeing!

Morocco is situated on the northwestern tip of Africa and it is a country which is very different from any other country. Morocco is separated from the rest of the continent by the towering Atlas Mountains and by the Sahara desert. Although Morocco is in Africa it’s climate, geography, and history are all more closely related to the Mediterranean rather than to the rest of the African continent. Being in Morocco is more like being in the Mediterranean region than in the African continent. One is struck by this impression especially in the northern region of Morocco which has fine beaches, lush highland valleys, and evocative old cities. Nevertheless, as one moves south and east, into and over the starkly beautiful ranges of the Atlases, Morocco’s Mediterranean character melts away like a mirage.

Best tours in Morocco

In Morocco the Sahara stretches out to the horizons. Morocco’s varied geography includes no less than four separate mountain ranges, in addition to lush river valleys, beautiful sandy coasts and wide expanses of desert. Morocco is at a crossroad between two cultures and two continents. Jacques Majorelle has written in one of his travels to Morocco, “There are scenes of such realism that one forgets one’s time and let’s oneself go at living in the middle Ages”. The nature and diversity of Morocco’s mountains Ranges and Passes is incredible. Toubkal is the highest summit here; Trekkers from all over the world have discovered the picturesque bluish massifs of the Anti-Atlas as it has unusual scenery. This great trekking range can be done on Mule-back, mountain bike, or camel expeditions with overnight stays in a mountain hut or bivouac depending on the route and the season.

Top Tourist Attractions in Morocco
Also in Morocco Atlantic coast with it’s north east trade wind offer a fine opportunity for the surfers, there are many great spots for surfing in Morocco. One of the best being in Essaouira, others are in Mehdia, Taghazout, Minleft and Sidi Bouzid. Not only you can have the excitement of windsurfing and water sports but lately Kite Surfing has also become quite popular in these places. The weather of Morocco is such that unimaginable sport of Skiing is also possible here, one cannot imagine skiing anywhere else in Africa. The Oukaimden is winter ski resort and offers ski runs for all levels in an area of 300 hectares. The Michliffen ski resort near Ifrane is of more modest proportions, but still offers a great experience in the Atlas Mountains. During other season Oukaimden offers hand gliding, rock climbing and trekking. Also check all options in Casablanca, Marrakesh but also Tanger and Fès.

Golf holiday
One more thing for which Morocco is famous is its Golf. The Golf courses of morocco are famous and many international tournaments are held there. Also travelers can enjoy great shopping in Morocco, shopping can be fun in the souks provided you are ready to do some hardcore bargaining. The richness of the Moroccan cuisines is also an experience which shouldn’t be missed. The multiple ingredients of the tagines and the sweetness of the cakes are staples of the Moroccan cuisine that never lacks creativity especially when they are mixed with some local Moroccan music.

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