Top 9 places to visit in the Caribbean

You can’t afford to miss out on seeing some of the beauty of the Caribbean Islands. The following places have all changed my life in one way or another. They are awe inspiring and magnificent places, and there is so much to see in the Caribbean. I’ll tell you about the best of the best to help any vacationer plan the next time of their life.

1. The Baths on the British Island of Virgin Gorda

This place is impressive to say the least. Massive boulders scattered on this sandy beach give visitors the impression of an otherworldly paradise. Snorkel, swim or climb around the magnificent beach if you’re lucky enough to visit this British Virgin Island by plane. It gets crowded during the middle of the day, so go in the morning or late afternoon to enjoy the surreal landscape without being forced to get too friendly with other vacationers.

2. Dominica

I love this Island because of its authenticity and beauty. It is a pristine little island that values preservation of the beautiful wildlife more than tourism (at least compared to the other Caribbean islands). The people are very welcoming and will intoxicate you with their relaxing pace of life. Doing things at your leisure is good for your soul. Check also the beautiful country of Dominican Republic.

3. U.S. Virgin Island of St. John

The U.S. Virgin Islands are all called “America’s Caribbean Paradise”, but my favorite is St. John. This island has amazing beaches and 7,000 acres (60%) of protected parkland. Living up to its nickname “Love City” it’s the perfect destination for honeymooners and nature lovers.

4. St. Kitts and 5. Nevis

These spectacular twin islands each have something amazing to offer. One of the best things about St. Kitts is the body surfing at Conaree Beach. It doesn’t get any better than gliding through the warm waters above the gray-black sand. Happily settle into one of the many hotels in St. Kitts and indulge in a variety of delicious restaurants before you take a ferry to Nevis. This secluded island will have you forgetting all your worries in no time. Oualie Beach on Nevis is a good spot to let go and take advantage of the comfy, on-beach bar.

6. Barbados

Sip a tropical drink with the famous Mount Gay Rum from this luxurious island. You will never get bored here between the lively sports culture and breathtaking views of both nature and architecture. A quick tip, the food at St. Lawrence Gap is to die for. Check out the best airfares for Barbados.

7. St. Lucia

The beaches and mountains in St. Lucia are also something you shouldn’t pass up. Sugar Beach boasts ideal snorkeling, diving and swimming in flawlessly clear waters.

8. St. Martin and St. Maarten

This island is run by two different governments (half French and half Dutch), so get ready for some culture! Go with a tour group up the stunning Pic du Paradis where the view will blow your mind. Muggings are common, so make sure not to try the hike alone.

9. Jamaica

The sunsets in Negril are the best in the Caribbean because the city faces west toward the sea. This beauty alone is worth coming to Jamaica for. There is also some really great music; Reggae was born here after all.Now that you know my nine favorite places in the Caribbean, go visit them. Or maybe start with one or two; there’s a lot to keep you busy!

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