Sightseeing in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is probably one of the best tourism destinations in the world. It can be compared to a pearl found in the sea in shape of a pear. The tourist will enjoy their holiday in Sri Lanka with many sights amidst nature. It is a luxurious island having many names, tales and legends Sri Lanka is combination of diverse cultures and flavors and hence is a colorful place. There is no dearth of places to visit for sightseeing in Sri Lanka, there are old forts, museums, temples, churches, wildlife sanctuaries, golden beaches and cascading waterfalls, and also underwater gardens, mountains covered with tea plantations, ethnic ancient cities and many other places to visit.

Top Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka
Kandy a picturesque town lying in the verdant highlands can be aptly called the cultural and spiritual capital of Sri Lanka. The main attraction here is the UNESCO protected Temple of the Tooth, where one of Buddha’s teeth is enshrined, locally it is known as the Sri Dalada Maligawa this palisaded temple houses a relic of Buddha It is a particularly scenic city, the temple is set amongst rolling hills and lush tea plantations.

Best Tours in Sri Lanka

Dambulla Cave Temple is a striking cave and temple complex in the heart of Sri Lanka. It is also known as Gunners Quoin, it has hundreds of caves cut into the rock cliff that have been used as hermitages continuously since 300 BC. First of all you can visit the temple at the base of the cliff, and then climb past 15 other cave temples on way to the lovely dagoba at the top, nearly 2,000 feet above the ground.

Polonnaruwa is one of the Sri Lanka’s lovely ancient cities. It is situated at the lakeside ruins of Polonnaruwa. Here you can view the remains of temples and palaces from the 11th century Indian Chola dynasty. These ruins are in excellent condition. At one time it was lost to the world. Excavations are still going on but the most stunning items revealed so far are the exquisitely carved statues of which some being up to 14m in length. Also check the region’s Colombo, Moratuwa, Jaffna and Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia.


Sigiriya Rock Fortress is a UNESCO World Heritage. It is a magnificent palace and fortress dating from the 5th century and is located at the very edge of a towering rock formation. Water gardens lie at the base of the palace, where steps lead upwards past dozens of beautiful murals to the lofty site of the fort. One can enjoy the spectacular views from the fort. Sri Lanka’s first capital was Anuradhapura. It was the capital of Sri Lanka from the year 380 BC and was capital for 1000 years. It has beautiful stupas, temples and palaces showing the rich culture of the people of ancient Sri Lanka. Visitors can sit under the Bo tree where the Buddha gained enlightenment and roam around in the vast Jetavanarama Dagoba building which once housed more than 1,000 monks. Colombo is the present financial capital of Sri Lanka and is the largest city of the nation. It has a diverse culture and you can find influence of many cultures here.

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