Tour guide for a budget Travel to Monte Carlo in Monaco

Monte Carlo is the capital of Monaco, it is world renowned for a lavish and exciting holiday and thus it is no surprise that it is often thought that a holiday in Monte Carlo has to be expensive. However, it is not so, a traveler will be surprised with the cheap deals he will find in Monte Carlo, you just have to know how to find good hotels and restaurants which matches your budget. There are casinos, fancy restaurants, beautiful hotels and resorts as well as sophisticated nightclubs in Monte Carlo but if you are a backpacker and are there to enjoy the weather and try a game of blackjack or poker, there are many places where you can play some slots on a budget, or if you desire take a walk around and watch what others are doing. There are many other things to do outside the casinos as well. Everyone can have fun during his or her low-priced holidays in Monte Carlo.

A holiday in Monaco

First step for a budget vacation in Monte Carlo is careful planning, one will realize that it is possible to experience Monaco on a budget; Monte Carlo does not only have exclusive hotels – in La Condamine harbor but there are reasonably-priced rooms. Once in Monaco one can enjoy early morning scenes like the Mediterranean glitters of the sun and of fishing boats chugging out of Fontvieille Bay. One can also visit the Prince’s Palace located on a rocky promontory in the Monaco Ville, the old quarter and original fortified town; it is a very much visited sight of Monte Carla. Also there is the automotive museum and the La Condamine. The daily market held at the harbor district has its own unique charm, have fun browsing through the stalls or you can sit in a café in the narrow street and have Noisette – a kind of Espresso.

Sightseeing in Monte Carlo

One can watch the changing of the guard at the Prince’s Palace – not as extravagant as the British version but just as solemn – at 11.55am, have lunch at any of the little restaurants around there, but then play real tourist and enjoy a great picnic on Larvotto, a beach running along Avenue Princesses Grace. Though it is not the most scenic beach but it is for free. A visit to the port of Monaco is a must, it is grander than that of Fontvieille, it harbors some of the most magnificent yachts in the world. You have a choice of bars where you can stop for a drink or an ice-cream, and some fairly expensive restaurants. But you can enjoy a good and inexpensive meal at the easy-going American-style restaurant Stars and Bars at the far end of Quai Antoine.

Other things to do in Monaco

To get a full deal you have to have at least one drink outside the Cafe de Paris, and watch the world go by in diamonds and Ferraris. Though it won’t be cheap but it’s worth it. The clubs are not cheap in Monte Carlo though clubs like Parady’z and Jimmy’z don’t have entrance fee, but they make it up with the cost of a drink. So plan carefully and enjoy your holiday in sun-drenched playground of the rich and beautiful.

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