Top 5 adventures to do in Miami

Miami the land of glorious sunshine, pristine beaches, and a thriving nightlife is a tourist haven throughout the year.Miami is more distinctive than other beach towns because of the fact that along with being blessed with exotic natural beauty, it is steeped in history with local museums depicting the cultural and historical richness of Florida. The rocking nightlife of the coastal city is mesmerizing. The pubs and clubs of Miami are frequented by the chic and the famous from Hollywood as well as the who’s who from the fashion industry and the business world.

Miami is the perfect holiday destination with a host of activities for tourists to experience and enjoy.Miami is apt for adventure-seeking tourists looking for an adrenaline rush. The following are 5 must-experience adventures of Miami. Also check out our tips to find affordable flight tickets to Miami.

1. Deep sea fishing charters

Deep sea fishing is fun, exciting, and easy whether you are an expert angler or a novice. The crew of the deep sea fishing charters is experienced and friendly, helping you to learn fishing techniques that can assure you of a great catch! The coastline of Miami is home to a variety of game fish like the swordfish, dolphin- fish (mahi-mahi in Hawaii), Kingfish, sailfish and even sharks. Sharks are known as the monsters of the sea and can be expected to put in a commendable fight given their size and level of aggression. Deep sea fishing in Miami gives you an opportunity to enjoy the adventurous side of fishing leaving you with an enriched and fulfilling experience.

2. Camping in the Everglades

Spread over an astounding 1.5 million of swamps, prairies and tropical jungles, Everglades is the most unique National park in the U.S.It is a natural region of sub-tropical wetlands, which is home to a wide variety of rare and endangered species of animals including the American crocodile, the Florida Panther among others. Visitors can walk along the charming landscape, camp and canoe through the park known as “the river of grass.” It is not only the pride of Miami, but also a national treasure of the United States. Hummer adventures are available that you can book prior to your visit to the park and enjoy a guided tour through the wetlands. The Everglades are the perfect camping and canoeing destination for people with a taste for adventure!

3. Nautica South Beach Triathlon

The Miami International triathlon features a half-mile ocean, a 19 mile bike course and a 4 mile run course. The half mile ocean swim will run parallel to the beautiful South Beach. The bike course will be a relatively flat course through Miami Beach’s causeways with panoramic views of the waterway, the beach and downtown Miami. The course is divided into two types namely, the international Distance course, which comprises of a 1.5k mile ocean swim, a 40k bike course and a 10k out-and-back run course. The Classic Distance course is a half mile ocean swim, 19 mile bike course and a 4 mile out-and-back run course.

4. Cycling

Miami is a cycle friendly city owing to the newly launched public transit system. You can rent bikes at any of the solar powered stations in Miami. More than 1000 bikes are now available for you to enjoy a joy ride taking in the scenic Bayside views, riding through the beaches and visiting areas of interest. A 15 mile bike route in Shark valley is a refreshing ride and will enable you to see plenty of alligators, turtles, exotic birds including Anhinga, wood stork and the elusive great blue heron.

5. Paddling

Paddling around South Beach is a fun way to explore the famed waterway. Paddling to the Deering estate will get you to soak in some culture along with giving you time to enjoy your paddling adventure. If you prefer a self-guided tour, Kayak rentals are available throughout the year in Miami (or check also Colorado Springs). Paddling through narrow passageways and thickly grown mangroves is a huge effort, but the sense of adventure and excitement is unmatched.

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