Malta’s 3 most beautiful museums

For many, the Mediterranean island of Malta offers a holiday retreat to sparkling blue waters and long blonde beaches, however there is much more to Malta than just beach going bliss. To give your skin a break from the sun, head to one of the Malta museums, which are sure to educate and amaze with historic facts and archaeology findings. Being an island nation, Malta has a unique and fascinating history, which is reflected in their numerous Malta museums, giving you insight to the people and place of Malta. Of course, tourists are always strapped for time during their vacations, and deciding on what select tourist sites and Malta museums to visit can be difficult. For this reason here is a quick review on three of Malta’s most popular museums.

Malta At War Museum

If you are interested in the Second World War and how it affected the Maltese nation, then the Malta At War Museum should not be missed. Situated in Birgu, this Malta museum presents the nation’s story of the War through film footage, interesting artefact, soldiers’ personal belongings, guides and other memorabilia. The museum is housed in 18th Century military barracks and is overall, beautifully presented and can capture the interest of strollers for a good few hours. Also in the Malta At War Museum are underground tunnels, which share with visitors the experience suffered by Maltese citizens forced to hide underground during bombing raids. Overall, an insightful testimonial to how Malta as a country suffered through the war, a story largely unknown compared to other European countries.

Malta National Museum of Natural History

If you’re a fan of the natural world, then the Malta National Museum of Natural History should be on your to visit list. The Malta National Museum of Natural History in Mdina is home to Malta’s largest collection of biological specimens, in a permanent exhibition that celebrates both the life and earth sciences. Large varieties of species can be seen here, and in total the reference collection includes 3,500 birds, bird eggs and nests, 200 mammals, over 200 species of fish and thousands of insects. Furthermore, over 10,000 rocks and minerals, as well thousands of exotic shells from the island are on display. The Malta National Museum of Natural History is housed in the Magisterial Palace of Justice, a beautiful building in itself, and was first opened its doors in 1973.

The Malta National Museum of Archaeology

The Malta National Museum of Archaeology will transport you millions of years back in time, and teach you about the important archaeological heritage of Malta. Situated in Valletta, it features display articles that are an incredible 7000 years old. It is located in the Auberge de Provence in Valetta, which used to be a palace. Some of the most impressive pieces are from collections from the world-renowned Megalithic Temples, dating back to 5000 years, most of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Other Malta museums that can tempt you away from your simple beach holiday are the Malta Maritime Museum, the Malta Aviations Museum, and the Malta National Museum of fine Arts.

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