6 of the Best Mountains to Climb Around the World

Mountain climbing isn’t for the faint-hearted, but it’s ideal for adrenaline-junkies on the hunt for their next big project. If you want to cement yourself as someone that’s truly addicted to mountain climbing, follow our guide for the top six mountains you absolutely should climb.

1) Mount Elbrus, Russia

Located in the Caucasus mountain range in Russia, this dormant volcano is much easier to climb than it probably looks. It’s technically the highest peak in Europe, with an elevation of 18,481 feet (5,633 meters), but many say it’s much easier to climb than some of Europe’s other magnificent mountains.

2) Annapurna, Nepal

In contrast, Annapurna is one of the most dangerous mountains to climb in the entire world. It was the original Mount Everest, as it was considered to be the highest mountain in the world for a full three years before Everest was scaled in 1953. It’s located in the Annapurna Range and has an elevation of 26,493 feet (8,075.07 meters).

3) Citlaltepetl and Iztaccihuatl, Mexico

Here are two mountains in one that are well worth a visit. Located in Mexico, Citlaltepetl is 18,405 feet (5,610 meters) high, while Iztaccihuatl measures 17,159 feet (5,230 meters). Even if you only get the chance to tackle one of these mountains, they’re worth the trip.

4) Kilimanjaro, Africa

The largest mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro is famous for its iconic flat top. The best thing about this mountain is that even novice climbers can tackle it, as long as they’re quite physically fit. Its highest peak is 19,330 feet (5,892 meters) tall.

5) The Matterhorn, Switzerland and Italy

The Matterhorn is located in the Pennine Alps, between Switzerland and Italy. It’s 4,478 meters (14,690 ft) high and is one of the world’s most popular mountain climbs. The shape of this mountain interests many people, but only extremely experienced climbers should attempt it.

6) Mount Everest, China and Nepal

Situated in the Himalayas, between China and Nepal, Mount Everest is officially the world’s tallest mountain. At 29,035 feet above sea level, this mountain is not to be trifled with. It’s not an easy climb by any stretch of the imagination, although you can stop at the base camps on the north and south sides of the mountain if you aren’t ready to go all the way to the top just yet.

Summary: No matter which of these mountains you decide to tackle, it’s vital that you always remember the right equipment. Everything from walking socks to rucksacks will be required, and in some cases you’ll also need snow shoes and ice picks.

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