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Looking for a flight with departure date January 29, 2023? By using, we show you the current best deals and last-minute package holidays with the arrival day 1/29/2023. Are you ready for a fantastic flight trip to Jerusalem, a wonderful vacation in China or perhaps a nice lazy all-inclusive flight and hotel package in Northern Ireland? The travel offer is extensive. Check the current offers from & Marriott, and book your dream trip safely and quickly via the internet.

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Date of departureJanuary 29, 2023
Season (Northern Hemisphere)Winter
Temperature southern European countries12,2 degrees Celsius (℃)
Type of holidayWinter Sports & Late Sun
Beloved destinationAruba and Dubai
Frequently chosen airlineShenzhen Airlines and Wideroe
All-inclusive packages from€197,50
Appropriate AirportsFukuoka Airport (FUK) and San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

Find Cheap Flight & Hotel Packages January 29, 2023

You want a carefree holiday in the sun? Through our holiday comparator you can book the most attractive last minute flights to the most beautiful hotels. Booking a holiday and leaving the same month what we call an Last Minute Vacation. Are you specifically looking for the departure date January 29, 2024? Many travel providers are nowadays prepared for anything. Almost any date of arrival is an option. Do not forget: If you are not so sure about a date, choose ‘flexible days’. In this way, you will also find cool trips with a departure day that is 1 or 2 days earlier (28 January 2023) or later (30 January 2023). Of course, this should also fit your agenda.

Best Flight tickets for sunny destinations
Are you a sun lover? Then go for a great beach holiday. From the end of April / beginning of May to October, there are plenty of suitable destinations in Europe. For instance. Croatia, Kefalonia or Madeira. There are also plenty of options outside this period. Go to destinations such as Senegal & Java. At these (tropical) destinations, there is always plenty of sun.

All inclusive flight and hotel deals
Are you looking at a all-inclusive flying holiday arriving at January the twenty-ninth? It’s about the ultimate way to enjoy a holiday. Drinks, snacks and plenty of food for a fixed price. Sometimes, extra activities such as kayaking are also at the expense of the hotel. You know exactly what the total costs are. For a budget trip Italy and Sicily are excellent options. More exclusive travel destinations are Hawaii or Saint Lucia.

Guided Group Travel
Do you like to see many different things? In this, it might be best to opt for a great tour. You enjoy a very rich holiday in different destinations. Enjoy the sun, discover nature and viewing the most beautiful buildings, during 1 holiday. With this you can think of: Seoul to Busan Overlander (South Korea) of ook Badlands National Park Loop, South Dakota (USA)? A fly and drive holiday is very interesting: return flight with a rental car in a package.

Weekend getaway
Do you want to take a break? A city trip once or twice a year is fun. Enjoy a few days wandering in an inspiring environment. Enjoy beautiful buildings and delicious food. Nowadays, you can book some amazing weekend getaways. An appropriate hotspot is Singapore and Sydney. Many travelers choose a weekend trip or a midweek in January 2023.

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Compare resorts for beach holiday 1/29/2023

Pleasant temperatures, long stretched beaches a fresh blue water. These ingredients form the basis of a sunny flight package A great hotel is never far away. Unfortunately, not everyone has sun all year round. In the colder countries, the annual average temperature is about 14 degrees Celsius. However, in southern Italy or in Greece / Turkey, you can enjoy pleasant temperatures 8 – 10 months a year. In the cold months the sun will shine in e.g. The Big Island (Hawaii) & Viti Levu (Fiji). A relaxing vacation package in the most beautiful resorts give an unforgettable holiday with the whole family. The departure date 29th of January has deals for plenty of regions and cities where there is actually a 100% sun guarantee. On this page we offer you the most beautiful sun destinations:

  1. Hotel Thailand: Loligo Resort Hua Hin (Hua Hin).
  2. Hotel United Arab Emirates: Conrad Dubai (Dubai).
  3. Hotel Indonesia: The Ubud Village Hotel (Ubud).
  4. Hotel in Tanzania: Chuini Zanzibar Beach Lodge (Mangapwani)
  5. Hotel Mexico: Luxury Bahia Principe Akumal (Akumal).
  6. Hotels Dutch Antilles: Red Palm Village (Kralendijk).


The most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about your package trip

What is the expected weather on January 29, 2023?

The average temperature of a somewhat colder country such as Macedonia is 5℃. In Southern Europe it is a bit more pleasant with 12,2℃. At tropical resorts such as Guanaja, Honduras you can enjoy a pleasant temperature all year round. Leaving within a few days or weeks? Then go through the 14-day weather forecast on a site like Weatherbug.

Where is it hot on 29 January?

Which destination offers me a wonderful beach holiday? In January 2023, you can then fly to destinations like Florida maar ook Tunisia. It’s always nice weather here and the chance of the sun is high. You can enjoy a very pleasant temperature of around 30 degrees, little wind, no big rain showers and predominantly sunny.

What are convenient flight destinations in January?

What is a convenient destination to fly to in the Winter? The offers are overwhelming. If you prefer to take the plane on 1/29/2023, then there are plenty of interesting options. Book a weekend in a city like Naples & Riomaggiore. You can also go for a city trip in Milan or Nice. Or book an all-inclusive trip to France or Tanzania. Continue to 1 of the travel companies for an overview of all trips.

What is a suitable airport for my holiday?

Renowned airports with an extensive flight network are Incheon International Airport (ICN) and Sydney Airport (SYD). Some renowned airlines are Wizz Air. The total flight price will depend on the selected day of departure, the desired time, the airport you depart from and the chosen airline service.

Overview with travel agencies

  • Cyprus (Paphos) Atlantica Golden Beach Hotel.
  • Dominican Republic (Punta Cana) Unique Club At Lopesan Costa Bavaro.
  • Tripadvisor: Egypt (Makadi Bay) Jaz Makadi Star Spa.
  • Expedia: Greece (Kos Stad) Kos Aktis Art Hotel.
  • Priceline: Italy (Lignano Sabbiadoro) Marina Azzurra Resort.
  • Mexico (Holbox) Hm Villas Palapas Del Mar.
  • Trivago: Croatia (Dubrovnik) Royal Palm Hotel.
  • Spain (Playa Blanca) Family Life Flamingo Beach.
  • Morocco (Agadir) Appart Hotel Tagadirt.
  • Turkey (Alanya) Sunny Hill Alya Hotel.

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Are you looking for the cheapest flight ticket with departure on the twenty-ninth of January? Helped by the attached 5 steps you can book immediately the best matching all inclusive vacation with the correct departure day.

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  1. Choose the destination of your trip

    What you start with is determine the exact destination where you want to go. Do you prefer an adventurous trip to Kuwait or Saint Vincent and the Grenadines? Or do you like to travel to europe (e.g. Vienna)? Or are you looking for a more luxurious resort in Pipa (Brasil Tropical Village), Kralendijk (Courtyard By Marriott Bonaire) or Bo Phut Beach (Melati Beach Resort Spa)? Do you want to see special hotspots such as old buildings? Also make a choice from the different board bases. Do you enjoy an all inclusive resort or lodging, with breakfast or half board?

  2. Check which accommodations are available

    Do you know where you want to go? Then you can filter in the comparator. Select directly the desired period (1/29/2023) + 1 week (2/4/2023) or 2 weeks (2/11/2023). What follows is an overview with the most beautiful vacation rentals. These apartments should definitely be compared. We are talking about components like for example the distance to the center and obviously amenities and entertainment. Also check the airport where you would like to board (for example Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL)).

  3. Comparison hotel rates

    Now you have a list of vacations that fit with the preferences you have entered. The price of a holiday package can vary widely. A 5 star stay is generally more expensive compared to a 4 star apartment. Choose the desired holiday package and check whether the price shown is still correct. Please select the book-now button.

  4. Book your trip & confirm

    Go through all the steps. Take a moment to do this, and make sure everything is correct (names as stated in the passport, nationalities, complete contact details and details about who can be contacted in the event of an emergency). You can also book some upgrades and extras like extra luggage space, car rental or transfers and appropriate cancellation insurance or travel insurance. A deposit of 15% to 30% is quite normal. Sometimes it is necessary to pay it in one go. The hotel and the flight can be paid with Credit card (MasterCard, Visa and American Express) or Paypal.

  5. Arrange luggage package and visa

    Your holiday fun starts immediately after you complete the booking. For example, you can already see which hotspots you want to view. Investigate whether a vaccination is necessary. You can arrange a visa in advance. Apply in time so that the visa is valid on January 29th to at least (2/5/2023) with an 8-day trip or (2/12/2023) with a holiday of 15 days. Visas are often valid for several weeks or months.

Best flight tickets deals for 29 January

Do you want to travel, and start your holiday on January the twenty-ninth? But do you want to book this without accommodation, so only a single flight? Booking airline tickets at the lowest airfares online is a piece of cake. You can compare without any problems the airline tickets. The comparator needs: the day of departure (the twenty-ninth of January), the airfield you want to fly from and the airport where you want to arrive. You have the option to immediately check low cost airline ticket. A return flight is of course also possible. Special search engines like are great websites for comparing rates and flight times. When booking, please check carefully the total travel time and locations for stopovers. Lowfare airlines like AirAsia and Sky Airline often use high costs for options such as food, drink and luggage.

  • Ryanair: Good deals.
  • Shenzhen Airlines: Choose your seat online.
  • Qantas: Good flight times.
  • VietJet Air: Reliable flight routes.
  • Citilink: Easy to book hold baggage.
  • Qatar Airways: Excellent accessibility 24/7.
  • Cebu Pacific Air: Lots of choice in hold baggage.
  • Airlink: Online check-in and easy boarding.
  • Jet2 Airlines: Great deals.

  • Popular flight dates with check-in date 1/29/2023

    Vacation lengthReturn date
    4 days (weekend)2/1/2023
    5 days (midweek)2/2/2023
    6 days2/3/2023
    7 days (1 week)2/4/2023
    8 days2/5/2023
    9 days2/6/2023
    10 days (1,5 week)2/7/2023
    11 days2/8/2023
    12 days2/9/2023
    13 days2/10/2023
    14 days (2 weeks)2/11/2023
    15 days2/12/2023