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Looking for a flight with departure date December 28, 2022? Helped by our hotel comparator, you can collect the best offers and last-minute package holidays where you leave on 12/28/2022. A casual flight trip to Beijing, an unforgettable vacation in Egypt or maybe chill out with an all-inclusive flight and hotel package in Puerto Rico? An unforgettable holiday for everyone. Browse the inspiring travel offers from Orbitz & Intercontinental Accorhotels, and who knows, maybe you’ll be traveling the day after tomorrow.

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Date of departureDecember 28, 2022
Season (Northern Hemisphere)Winter
Average °C in Southern Europe12,5 degrees Celsius °C
Popular type of holidayLate Sun & Winter Holidays
Frequently booked destinationTunisia and Turkey
Airline suggestionsFinnair and EVA Air
All-inclusive packages from€199,00
Many chosen airportsAmsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) and Logan International Airport (BOS)

Book Cheap Flight & Hotel Packages December 28, 2022

You want a carefree holiday in the sun? Through our travel search engine you can search ongoing last minute flights to the most beautiful resorts. A holiday with departure within 6 weeks is known as an Last Minute Travel Deal. Are you specifically looking for a holiday with departure December 28, 2024? The travel agencies are currently very flexible. Almost any date of arrival can be chosen. NB: there is also an option called ‘flexible days’. So, you will also find trips with a departure day that is 1 or 2 days earlier (27 December 2022) or later (29 December 2022). This way you get to see even more great offers.

Flight tickets for sunny destinations
Is your holiday only successful when the sun is shining? Then we’ll make you happy with a beautiful beach holiday. In spring – autumn (May to October), the sun shines brightly in Europe. E.g. Greece, Catalonia or Opština Tivat. Do you wish a sunny spot in winter? Then you could fly to destinations like Philippines and e.g. South Africa. At these destinations, the sun shines all year round.

All inclusive flight and hotel deals
Are you going for a all-inclusive flying holiday arriving at December the twenty-eighth? It concerns the most luxurious way of celebrating a holiday. Drinks, snacks and plenty of food for a fixed price. Sometimes, extra activities such as archery are also fully inclusive. You know exactly what the total costs are. In terms of European destinations, Majorca & Marche are very interesting. Do you have a bigger budget? Then consider a destination like Uruguay but also Georgia.

Tours & Travel Packages
Are you someone who gets bored quickly at 1 location? In that case, there are great tours to choose from. You come to different places in various countries. Enjoy the sun, discover nature and experience culture, all in 1 vacation. What did you think about: Circle Tasmania (Australia) en natuurlijk Mountains, Coasts and Fjords (Norway)? Popular are the fly and drive trips: package with ticket and rental car.

Weekend getaway
Would you like to enjoy a short trip? A city trip is an excellent choice. You can completely immerse yourself in a surprising town. Enjoy the culture and enjoy the architecture. Within a short flight distance, you can choose the most wonderful weekend breaks. A suitable destination is Las Vegas and also Krabi. People often book an extended weekend or a little longer in December 2022.

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Best resorts for beach holiday 12/28/2022

The sun that shines all day long, extensive beaches a clear water. This is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a great flight package. You often don’t have to travel far for a great hotel. In many countries you do not always have sun. If you are unlucky, the annual average temperature does not exceed 9 degrees Celsius. However, in the southern part of France or even further south in Europe, there is sufficient sun from the end of April to October. In the cold months you can choose for example for Grenada (Caribbean) & Mauritius (East Africa). An unforgettable vacation package in excellent resorts on the beach. The departure date 28th of December provides you with more than enough options where you can relax in the sun. In the summary below we offer the coolest holiday tips:

  1. Hotel Thailand: Tropica Bungalow Hotel Restaurant (Patong Beach).
  2. Hotel Dominican Republic: Iberostar Grand Hotel Bavaro (Punta Cana).
  3. Hotel Indonesia: Sadara Boutique Beach Resort (Tanjung Benoa).
  4. Hotel in the Maldives: Gangehi Island Resort (Gangehi)
  5. Hotels in Mauritius: Constance Le Prince Maurice (Poste De Flacq).
  6. Hotels Dutch Antilles: Coral Estate Villas (Coral Estate Rif St Marie).


All frequently asked questions (FAQ) about my package trip

What is the expected weather on December 28, 2022?

The average temperature of a somewhat colder country such as Netherlands is 6℃. In Southern Europe it is a bit more pleasant with 12,5℃. In more tropical holiday destinations like Formentera, Spainyou can enjoy sun and warmth all year round. Prefer to fly at short notice? Then watch the 14-day weather forecast on a website like The Weather Channel.

Where to go on holiday for sun in 28 December?

Where should I be for a warm and pleasant beach holiday? In the month of December 2022, there are plenty of options for sunbathers like Bonaire of ook Dominica. It’s lovely weather here and the chance of a little bit sun is 99%. All ingredients are present for an unforgettable holiday: an afternoon temp. between 25 – 31 degrees, just a little breeze, limited rainfall and predominantly sunny.

What are frequently booked flight destinations in December?

What is a convenient destination to fly to in the Winter? The options are countless. If you want to take the plane on 12/28/2022, then you can fly all over the world. A small budget? Book a (long) weekend Carcassonne and Gubbio. Book a city trip in the direction of Sofia & Manila. Or book an all-inclusive trip to Thailand and Saint Martin. Check the app/site of a travel operator for additional info.

From which airport can I fly?

Renowned airports with an extensive flight network are Copenhagen Airport (CPH) and Seattle–Tacoma International Airport (SEA). The world’s most famous airlines are Spirit Airlines. The price of a single plane ticket is calculated using the chosen departure day, the time of departure, the airports where you take off and land and the chosen airline service.

Internet travel agencies

  • Cyprus (Paphos) Hotel Annabelle.
  • Dominican Republic (Punta Cana) The Reserve At Paradisus Palma Real.
  • Tripadvisor: Egypt (Marsa Alam) Hotel Sunrise Marina Resort.
  • Expedia: Greece (Platamonas) Hotel Morfeas.
  • Priceline: Italy (Azzano) Hotel Villa Malaspina.
  • Cape Verde (Santa Maria) Hotel Budha Beach The Senses Collection.
  • Trivago: Croatia (Bale) Camping Mon Perin.
  • Spain (Corralejo) Tao Caleta Mar.
  • Morocco (Fez) Palais Medina Spa.
  • Turkey (Istanbul) Lady Diana Hotel.

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Would you like to book a cheap flight ticket with departure on the twenty-eighth of December? Thanks to the 5 steps below you can find without effort the most popular all inclusive vacation with the correct departure time.

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  1. Choose the holiday country

    The basis of every quest is making a choice for a suitable holiday destination. Will you choose an adventurous trip to Bangladesh or Guatemala? Or do you choose a European destination (like Luxembourg)? Want a beachfront resort in Bamburi (Reef Beach Hotel), Somone (Royal Horizons Baobab) or Khao Lak (Kantary Beach Hotel Villas)? Do you want to see special hotspots such as national museums? Also choose one of the board bases. Do you enjoy an all inclusive resort or just accommodation + breakfast or half board?

  2. View the available accommodations

    Now you click on the chosen holiday country. You can enter the desired departure day here (12/28/2022) + 1 week (1/3/2023) or 2 weeks (1/10/2023). You will then see a page with matching accommodations and hotels. These holiday parks should definitely be compared. Of course aspects like e.g. location (relative to sights) and of course entertainment for the kids. Please select the airport of your preference (e.g. Nanjing Lukou International Airport (NKG)).

  3. Compare holiday prices

    You will now get a list of accommodations and flights that match with your requirements and wishes. The prices of flights and resorts are very variable. A 5 star stay has a different price tag than a 4 star hotel. Choose the best holiday package and check whether the price shown is still correct. Please select the book-now button.

  4. Book and confirm

    Go through all the steps. Fill in your details accurately (full names as on passport, email address, phone number and stay-at-home contact information). You can easily book extra options for your upcoming trip like extra luggage space, rental car or shuttle service and appropriate cancellation insurance or travel insurance. Many travel agents ask for a deposit. In other cases you have to pay the whole amount directly. The resort can be paid with Paypal, bank transfer or credit card (MasterCard, Visa and American Express).

  5. Packing things and arranging last things

    Do you want to prepare your entire trip well? Find the best excursions online and book in advance. Also check whether vaccinations are necessary. You can also arrange a visa in advance. Apply in time so that the visa is valid on December 28th to at least (1/4/2023) with an 8-day trip or (1/11/2023) with a holiday of 15 days. A visa is valid for several months to stay in a country.

Best flight tickets deals for 28 December

Want to take a trip starting on December the twenty-eighth? But do you want to book this without accommodation, so only a single flight? Nowadays, booking airline tickets at the lowest airfares is very easy. You can compare in a few minutes the cost of a flight. The comparator needs: the day of departure (the twenty-eighth of December), the departure airport and the airport of arrival. You can immediately check budget airline ticket. Do you already have a return flight date? Then book a return flight. Special search engines like Expedia let you easily compare prices. Consider things like total flight time and the transfer options. No-frills airlines like and Norwegian often use high costs for optional services like baggage and dinner.

  • United Airlines: Enjoy excellent service on board.
  • Sichuan Airlines: Excellent flight routes.
  • Qantas: Good flight routes.
  • Saudia Airlines: First-class hold baggage.
  • WestJet: Easy booking forms.
  • Qatar Airways: Great departure times.
  • Vistara: Great ground staff and flight attendants.
  • Aerolineas Argentinas: Premium Deals.
  • SunExpress: First-class hold baggage.

  • Popular flight dates with check-in date 12/28/2022

    Vacation lengthReturn date
    4 days (weekend)12/31/2022
    5 days (midweek)1/1/2023
    6 days1/2/2023
    7 days (1 week)1/3/2023
    8 days1/4/2023
    9 days1/5/2023
    10 days (1,5 week)1/6/2023
    11 days1/7/2023
    12 days1/8/2023
    13 days1/9/2023
    14 days (2 weeks)1/10/2023
    15 days1/11/2023