Top 5 destinations to visit in Winter

Whether you agree or not, there are actually only three ways of looking at winter. One, you love it and can’t have enough of snow and winter sports. Two, you don’t necessarily like snow and the cold weather, but you like to snuggle at home, that’s why you welcome winter. Three, you positively can’t stand winter and need to escape to sunnier climes. There’s no alternative for Option Two aside from actually bundling in at home. For Option One, you usually don’t need to look further than your neighborhood, so there’s no problem. But if you dream of trekking off to sun-kissed tropical islands, you’ve literally got the world to choose from.

1. Australia

You may be surprised why Australia is on this list, since it is not known to be a tropical land. However, this country/continent is not called “Down Under” for nothing. When it is winter in North America, it is summer in Australia, and vice-versa. Australia is very modern and English is spoken widely (although there are places where it comes in variations of slightly accented versions). Australians are friendly, make the best barbies (barbecues), the wildlife is awesome (kangaroos, koalas, and kookaburras, anyone?), and the beaches are welcoming in the North American winter months, so, it’s a great destination to head for.

2. Belize

This Caribbean beauty is well-loved by divers and hobbyist fishermen (as opposed to those who fish for a living). There are many back-to-basic resorts that complement the sultry sundowns followed by the party atmosphere in the clubs at night. You can also thrill to one of nature’s greatest outposts, the long coral reef system that goes up to the territorial waters of the Honduras. This Caribbean barrier reef is very enticing for deep-sea divers.

3. The Philippines

This country that is made up of more than 7,000 islands – mostly with a different culture each – is an adventurer’s dream. It has steep mountains and deep ravines for trekking, miles of white, gray, and black sands and endless surf, dive spots with an abundance of undersea flora and fauna, sumptuous feasts and festivals, and people who are renowned to be the friendliest and most hospitable in Asia. Nearly everyone speaks English, too!

4. Tonga

If you’re looking for some privacy and reduced mingling during your vacation, then Tonga is the place for you. Tonga only has 45 inhabited islands out of a total 0f 170. Swimming and snorkeling are its best attractions. You’ll also revel in this Pacific playground that is known to be the place where time either begins or stands still. That’s because these islands still preserve many of their long-held traditions, but also keep in touch with the developments in modern life, particularly in music and fashion.

5. Thailand

Like the Philippines, Thailand is another popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia, because of its beaches and ruins of kingdoms from far-off times. Thai food is excellent and has a huge cult following the world over (watch out if you can’t stand spices, though). This country also has numerous thrift shops, especially at the night markets, where knock-offs compete with originals at discounted prices. You’d have to have a keen eye for shopping though, to avoid the “clones.”

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