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Looking for a flight with departure date April 3, 2023? Thanks to this website, you can easily search the best offers and last-minute package holidays with the departure day 4/3/2023. Are you going for a lovely flight trip to Amsterdam, a family vacation in Bangladesh or just a relaxing all-inclusive flight and hotel package in Vietnam? An unforgettable holiday for everyone. Browse the most impressive travel deals via Orbitz and Priceline, and book your holiday easily online.

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Date of departureApril 3, 2023
Average °C in Southern Europe20,0°C
Type of vacationBeach- and sun holidays
Top DestinationEgypt and Bonaire
Airline suggestionsShanghai Airlines and American Airlines
Last-minute trips from€132,50
Suitable airportsGatwick Airport (LGW) and São Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport (GRU)

Book Cheap Flight & Hotel Packages April 3, 2023

Do you want to book a wonderful holiday this month? Based on our travel search engine you can reserve the most current last minute flights for sunny places. Going on vacation in 6 weeks is an Last Minute Hotel Deal. Would you like to leave on April 3, 2024? Today, the travel operators very flexible. Almost any arrival date is possible. Advice: one can go for the ‘flexible travel’ option. The comparator also checks trips where you leave 1 or 2 days earlier (2 April 2023) or later (4 April 2023). This only works if you are flexible in terms of departure

Book Flight tickets for sunny destinations
Do you want to enjoy the sun guaranteed? Then we’ll make you happy with a fantastic beach holiday. In spring – autumn (May to October), the sun shines brightly in Europe. Take for example Majorca, Emilia-Romagna or Languedoc-Roussillon. You can also enjoy the sun in autumn and winter. Go to destinations such as Puerto Plata but also Sri Lanka. There, the sun shines all year round.

All inclusive holidays including flight
Do you want a all-inclusive flying holiday arriving at April the third? We’re talking about here a very luxurious holiday trip. You enjoy a lot of luxury for a fixed low price. Sometimes, certain activities such as billiards are also included in the travel bundle. That way you know exactly where you stand. Being within Europe, Sicily & Lanzarote are appealing. More exclusive travel destinations are Anguilla or Nepal.

Small Group Tours
Do you like to see many different things? In this scenario, booking a group tour could be really great. You will then visit several places or even several countries. Sunbathing, being active and get to know the local culture, in 1 complete holiday. Examples of such a holiday are: Baltic Road Trip (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) + Ancient Phoenicia (Lebanon)? This is often offered as a fly and drive holiday: rental car and return flight in 1 bundle.

Weekend getaway
Need a short vacation? A city trip offers it all. Heerlijk op je gemak kennismaken met a surprising place. Enjoy beautiful buildings and delicious food. In every continent, you will find the most wonderful weekend breaks. Many people go every year to Cancun or Stockholm. Many people like a weekend or from Monday to Friday in April 2023.

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Beautiful hotels for beach holiday 4/3/2023

The sun that pricks your skin, long stretched beaches and a cooling sea. That’s what you think of when you see a wonderful flight package. It doesn’t have to be complicated to find a nice hotel. The weather can be very changeable. Do you live in the Northern Hemisphere? Then the annual temperature is sometimes only 11 degrees Celsius. However, in Portugal or Italy or in Turkey or Greece, you can enjoy pleasant temperatures 8 – 10 months a year. In the remaining months there will be enough sun in e.g. Vieques (Puerto Rico) and Turks and Caicos Islands (Caribbean). A relaxed vacation package in fantastic hotels for an unforgettable holiday in the sun. The departure date 3rd of April has sufficient offer for destinations where you can get some sun! In the summary below you will find some very popular sunny destinations:

  1. Hotel Thailand: V Villas Hua Hin (Hua Hin).
  2. Hotel United Arab Emirates: Grand Excelsior Hotel Bur Dubai (Dubai).
  3. Hotel Indonesia: Ramada Bintang Bali Resort (Kuta).
  4. Hotel in the Maldives: Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa (Hadahaa)
  5. Hotel Mexico: Dreams Sands Cancun Resort Spa (Cancun).
  6. Hotels Dutch Antilles: Papagayo Beach Hotel (Jan Thiel Baai).


The special FAQ (frequently asked questions) regarding your package trip

What is the average temperature on April 3, 2023?

The annual temperature in a somewhat cooler and northern country such as Finland is 9 ℃. In the southernmost part of Europe it is now about 20,0℃. At tropical resorts such as Cancun, Mexicoyou can enjoy sun and warmth all year round. Do you want to leave soon? Then go through the 14-day weather forecast on for example a site like

Where is the warmest place in 3 April?

What are the best places for a comfortable beach vacation? In the popular month of April 2023, there are plenty of options like Puerto Plata of Zimbabwe. These destinations are pleasantly warm, and you don’t have to worry about the sun. Actually, this is perfect: an afternoon temp. between 25 – 31 degrees, just a little breeze, limited rainfall and a pleasant sun during the day.

What are the most booked flight destinations in April?

What is a convenient destination to fly to in the Spring? The choice is really huge. In the case you want to take the plane on 4/3/2023, then there are countless destinations to choose from. A small budget? Book a (long) weekend Verona or Gubbio. Book a city trip to Mumbai or Punta Cana. Or book an all-inclusive trip to Bulgaria & Namibia. Check the website of your travel agency for further travel surprises.

Which airports are available?

Excellent international airports with an excellent offer are Don Mueang International Airport (DMK) and St Paul International Airport (MSP). The world’s most famous airlines are Qatar Airways. The holiday price is based on the selected day of departure, time of day, the chosen airport and the chosen airline service.

Popular travel agency

  • Cyprus (Protaras) Crown Resorts Elamaris.
  • Dominican Republic (Punta Cana) Trs Turquesa Hotel.
  • Tripadvisor: Egypt (Sharm El Sheikh) Monte Carlo Resort Sharm El Sheikh.
  • Expedia: Greece (Platanes) Grand Leoniki Residence By Grecotel.
  • Priceline: Italy (Marina Dagro) Capo Dei Greci Taormina Bay Hotel Spa.
  • Jamaica (Montego Bay) Hotel Sandals Montego Bay.
  • Trivago: Croatia (Grabovac) Plitvice Holiday Resort.
  • Spain (Benidorm) Apartments Playamar.
  • Morocco (Marrakech) El Andalous Hotel Spa.
  • Turkey (Marmaris) Sunconnect Grand Ideal Premium.

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Are you here for a cheap flight ticket with departure on the third of April? Thanks to the travel planning step-by-step plan you can check straight away the most favorable all inclusive vacation with the correct departure time.

Reading time:  5 minutes

Book cheap flight and hotel on 3 April 2023.

  1. Select the holiday country

    The basis of every quest is making a choice for a suitable holiday destination. Do you dream of an adventurous trip to Tajikistan or Curacao? Are you going to Europe (think of Spain)? Want a beachfront resort in Kololi (Kairaba Beach Hotel), Playa Del Carmen (Sandos Playacar Beach Resort) or Colombo (The Gateway Hotel Airport Garden)? Do you like visiting sights such as old buildings? Also make a choice for a board basis. Do you want an all inclusive resort or lodging, with breakfast or half board?

  2. Check date and availability

    Destination chosen? Then select this in the holiday comparator. You can enter the desired departure day here (4/3/2023) + 1 week (4/9/2023) or 2 weeks (4/16/2023). The system then shows an overview with the relevant holiday accommodations. These accommodations are easy to compare. In particular variables like location (relative to sights) and obviously facilities. Also select the airport of your preference (e.g. Cancún International Airport (CUN)).

  3. Compare resort prices

    What follows is a page with holidays that satisfy the preferences you have entered. The prices of flights and resorts are very variable. A 5 star cottage is generally more expensive compared to a 4 star holiday. Select the most favorable holiday package and check whether the price shown is still correct. Now select the booking button to go to the next step.

  4. Complete the booking and confirm

    Go through all the steps. It is important that the private information is correct (full names as on passport, main booker address data and stay-at-home contact information). You can also book some additional services and upgrades like extra hold luggage, transfers or car rental and convenient insurance such as cancellation insurance or travel insurance. Making a deposit in advance is very normal. You may also have to pay the full amount immediately. Your holiday bundle can be easily paid with Paypal, MasterCard, Visa and American Express (credit card) or bank transfer.

  5. Packing things and arranging last things

    Your holiday fun starts immediately after you complete the booking. Find the best excursions online and book in advance. You may need a vaccination for your trip. Also check if a visa is required. Apply in time so that the visa is valid on April 3rd to at least (4/10/2023) with an 8-day trip or (4/17/2023) with a holiday of 15 days. A visa often provides access for several months.

Best flight tickets deals for 3 April

Do you want to go on holiday starting on April the third? But do you want to book this without accommodation, so only a single flight? Nowadays, booking airline tickets at the lowest airfares is very easy. You compare with 1 push of a button the airfare prices. Choose the day of departure (the third of April), the airport from which you depart and the airport where you want to arrive. You can directly check low cost airline ticket. A return flight is an economical choice. Flight finders like are great websites for comparing rates and flight times. Consider things like travel time, stopovers and shuttle services. Discount airlines like or Peach sometimes charge high fees for services like more luggage & special seats.

  • Ryanair: Great baggage Handling.
  • Spirit Airlines: Excellent offers and last minute deals.
  • Lion Air: Excellent service.
  • Air New Zealand: First-class employees and clean aircraft.
  • Shanghai Airlines: Excellent offers and last minute deals.
  • SAS Airlines: Handy App with all flight times.
  • Thai AirAsia: Excellent meals on board.
  • Austrian: Pleasant flight staff and customer-oriented organization.
  • Chongqing Airlines: Excellent meals on board.

  • Popular flight dates with check-in date 4/3/2023

    Vacation lengthReturn date
    4 days (weekend)4/6/2023
    5 days (midweek)4/7/2023
    6 days4/8/2023
    7 days (1 week)4/9/2023
    8 days4/10/2023
    9 days4/11/2023
    10 days (1,5 week)4/12/2023
    11 days4/13/2023
    12 days4/14/2023
    13 days4/15/2023
    14 days (2 weeks)4/16/2023
    15 days4/17/2023